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Senior Stripping

"Hey LADY W AKE THE FUCK UP YOU ARE 50 AND STRIPPING..SWIMH AROUND THW POLE WITH A CANE SOON ....hope your senior stripping eprkd out for you hun."

Who needs enemies when you have "friends" like that?
YES.....I am 50 and STILL stripping, senior stripping. What is the "senior age" usually? 60 something? So I have a few more good years in my brittle bones before I am 60. And I started stripping with a cane, actually crutches to be exact, a while ago.
Didn't you know? Here are my crutches. I really need to step it up and paint them pink and add some rhinestones to them.

I am planning on stripping until I am at least 80. I remember this one lady dancer in Vegas, it was rumored that she was anything between 68-73 and let me tell you.....she made so much money. Not every night but when she did she hit thousands of dollars. Yes, I am serious. One of my young, extremely fit and very pretty friends loved it when this older lady would team up with her because that meant big bucks for my friend. And I never saw her do anything inappropriate, so don't knock the senior strippers! She was GOALS. For every dancer in the club.
When I turn 50, cause I am not 50 YET "hun"......let's not get ahead of ourselves now! When I turn 50 I am planning on a huge birthday bash at whatever club I am slowly gyrating around the pole at then, dropping it like it's lukewarm you know!
I am going to make a GRAND entrance in a wheelchair on my 50th birthday, a blinged out wheelchair matching my platforms. My entrance is going to trump any Mayweather entrance to a fight, actually maybe I should try to get ahold of Floyd and see if he will host my 50th birthday party at his own club, the Girl Collection in Vegas. See Floyd used to go to Crazy Horse Too back in the day when I worked there and throw his money around, he is the king of bling and cockiness. You will ALL be invited, even YOU my "friend"! Cause I am not mad at ya.
Only amused. I saw your true colors a long time ago but I was kind and accepted you.
Here is the reality. I am a dancer (some say stripper), I am not ashamed, I don't do anything wrong. Let me tell you what I personally think is wrong.....and what I personally wouldn't do.
Sleep around with dozens of guys, look desperately for love everywhere, look for a provider instead of providing for myself. Move in with some guy and say that I love him just to move out after a few months, then find some other guy and move right in because he has a job and can provide me with a place to live and security and call myself "happy" when in reality I'm not. Many women do that.
It is, in my book glorified prostitution.
So.....don't bash me, I am a senior stripper after all and we all know you should treat your elders with respect.

50 is the new 20. No face photoshop needed here. Like you do HUN. I have a few friends dancing at the Rhino in Vegas and they are better looking and in better shape than many 20 year olds. It is how you take care of yourself and I also think that inside ugliness show on certain people's faces.
Pay attention to the new wrinkles under my eyes. I cried hard every day for over a year, that will do it. EVERY day because I was SO deeply hurt and sad over another person's actions. Then a bunch of other difficult things happened, I felt like I was completely alone and lost in a never ending nightmare. I developed heart pounding anxiety and for a few months I averaged 3 hours of sleep per night and then I would wake up from my heart beating hard and my stomach hurting.
Then.....I stopped crying. I still feel bouts of sadness now and then because I learned that people are CRUEL and that I can't trust anyone besides perhaps a very few. But I am smiling and doing things, I am laughing and joking around.
I feel happiness in my heart again.
I went through the pain and sadness completely sober, no alcohol, no drugs and no looking for "love" or attention whatsoever. I talked to friends and strangers.
Shared my feelings, listened to their stories. And I am STILL standing. Head high and proud because I KNOW that I didn't do anything wrong.
And one more thing.....that this "friend" doesn't know but other people close to me know. I am starting a new job in less than two weeks. I will still dance (I think) to add to my income (smart) but the new job will keep me rather busy during the week.
I was interviewed and selected. I am not going to give away too many details about what I am going to do here on the blog. The new job has NOTHING to do with dancing and I am not going to work in a cafe either. I will have certain duties and responsibilities that I don't want mixed up whatsoever with the dancing or the blog, therefore I can't share much about what I am going to do.

Skrattar bäst som skrattar sist.


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Carla on :

Wow-wee........ I can hardly wait to hear more about you... and I can hardly wait for your future blog posts.

Yes indeed... "Skrattar bäst som skrattar sist" .........and as we say in English... "The one who laughs the best is the one who laughs the last"
... and you are and will be laughing the best as it is obvious that you take very good care of yourself and you look great at any age.

❤ Carla

Manda on :

❤ ❤ ❤

Swedish Eva on :

Sounds great. Did not know us old broads were admitted into the strip clubs.... As dancers I mean. I danced b/w age 36-42 and was always the oldest gal. Always made most money wherever I worked though: Australia, Japan, Athens, LA, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Guam, Honolulu, etc. Worked one shift at Crazy Horse Too when I was visiting Vegas - wanted to stay and continue working there as I could tell there was loads of money to be made but had to go back to LA. Best time of my life, my dancing years. Started working as an accountant (which was my profession) in LA when I thought it was time to become serious. Moved back to Sweden after 15 yrs "on the road" and started my own business. Retired early a few yrs ago (thank you strip clubs). My body is still in great shape and could probably look ok on stage - with good lighting.... Love the fact that you are still a proud dancer!!

Tatiana on :

Thank You for sharing your story! I love it!
I can say so much more about this but I am going to refrain.
Let's just say.....I am not the person inside the strip club or out in regular life & company to give dancers a bad name. That dancer stigma does not apply to me. Funny how some people feel they can sound off on some stuff when they in fact have way more they should be ashamed of than I hopefully will ever have.

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