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Haceda Head Lighthouse

When looking at a map of the Oregon Coast I saw several lighthouses along the coast, I decided I wanted to see a lighthouse and went to Haceda Head Lighthouse and here are the pictures.
From the parking lot and the beach you take a trail up to the lighthouse.

And there it was! How pretty!

Somebody told me to make sure I would continue the path up behind the lighthouse and look at the view from up there, which I did.

There is a couple that lives in a house adjacent to the lighthouse, here is some information about caring for a lighthouse. Could this be a job for you?

It was windy up hair was all over the place as you can see.

But here I am.....HELLO! :-)

After the lighthouse I went down to the car, took Chhaya out and we went to the beach.

Chhaya's ears were flopping in the wind. ❤

The sun came down.

And the moon came up.

It got dark and chilly after a while. We hopped in the car and drove off. I stopped a bit down the road to look back at the lighthouse and yes.....the light was on. The light makes a circle so when it's facing your direction you can really see it.

I would like to see one more lighthouse, Yaquina Head Lighthouse. A future trip is being planned in my head......


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