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McKenzie Pass

Yesterday afternoon me, Chhaya and the new friend I made Desi took a drive to McKenzie pass. It was going to be a full moon and I wanted to watch the sunset and the moonrise in a nice spot so I suggested we go there. To get to McKenzie Pass (elevation 5325 ft.) you take Highway 242, it is very scenic and once you get up the mountain a bit you will see a spectacular scenery, a lava field.

Me and Desi.

Since we had some time before the sun was setting we drove to a lake, Scott Lake and had some snacks.

KIND bars for us and a RUFF bar for Chhaya.

It started hailing, then lighting and thunder hit close by us.....almost right where we were. SUPER loud! Not everyday you get that close to that was an experience.

The we drove back up to the summit. There is an observatory there, Dee Wright observatory. Very interesting looking stone building made with lava stone, resembling a small Dracula castle. Some bats came out after sunset to make it feel even more vampire like.....

There is a marker on top pointing to different Cascade peaks.

The sun started going down and the sky turned pink.

Then the moon slowly crept up from behind a mountain.

It got dark, we get in the car and.....I turn on the radio. Linkin Park and In The End comes on shortly after. Unreal. I pull over, turn up the volume and Chester's voice fills up the night. Coincidence? I don't think so. Then we continued driving into the night.....


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Carla on :

Great photos... and you look terrific in all of your shots... I love your leggings.
In the past I have been over McKenzie Pass several times when going skiing at Mt Bachelor.... I usually drove from western Oregon in the Eugene area to stay a few days with some friends near Bend then we headed off to ski for the day.
The lava field at McKenzie Pass reminds me of the lava field in north of the Kona Airport on the big island of Hawaii.... but the lava field in Hawaii is much blacker (because it is more recent?)
It looks like you and your new friend Desi were having a wonderful time on your day trip. Compared to you she is a shorty!!!

Carla on :

Regarding my last sentence in my previous comment....
I am a shorty also.... I am 5 ft 1 inch.... if I fluff up my hair I might approach 5 ft 2 inches. I can wear my highest heels and never be taller than most of my friends. The big drawback to being short is that I love to jog and run and my shorter frame makes for a shorter stride... it can be hard to keep up with my longer legged friends.

Tatiana on : you drive up McKenzie pass from Eugene and down towards Sisters. I drove up that way about a week ago but at night. Really amazing forest there.
Love the scenery at McKenzie pass.
I feel like a giant next to Desi. She is 4'11", 5' if she stands with good posture (she says, I just asked her).
That is about 150 centimeters.

Brian on :

Hi Tatiana,

Thanks for sharing the pics of McKenzie Pass . I love that place, but have not been there since 2004. I need to get back there. Doesn't the lava look like it flowed just yesterday? I love all the Cascades . Oregon is my home state..I consider myself Oreginian, though I have been a Californian over 6 years now , and Alaskan 6 years before that. Glad you are getting out the explore natural wonders around Bend. Hope you are well It would be great to see you again if I get up that way.

Tatiana on :

Well, I LOVE Oregon! I have lived in CA, NV and AK and now I am in Oregon and I am happy to be here.
The lava does look like it flowed out recently.
I hope you are well, you should try to go to Burning Man!

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