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Met with a new friend, YEAY I made a new friend (!), today. We were supposed to go to the gym, I come along as her guest, yes I started going to the gym again.....nothing crazy once maybe twice a week but the gym was closed due to some problem. So instead we went to Barnes & Noble and then to Jamba Juice where we each had an Island Pitaya, pink dragonfruit bowl. Good to befriend somebody that is nice, calm, sober, into healthy interests like hiking, likes to talk about different subjects in an intelligent manner. And we both love Ville Valo!
Ville, olet kaunis! ❤

We started talking about the importance of independence and also co dependent people. I happened to open up a random magazine at Barnes & Noble earlier and took a pic of this page that I think holds a lot of wise words. But to each their own you know.....relationships can be amazing as well. If that is what it truly is. Do not get fooled by the happy facade some put up on Fakebook. That doesn't necessary represent the whole truth, sometimes far from it. I love love though, love is beautiful but alone is beautiful as well.

I know of a woman that has been single for a total of about three months since she was a young teen. Sounds healthy - not. She is in her late 30's now but looks more like 55 plus but that is what is awaiting you after a life full of drinking.....anyhow. Reminded me of something that I read somewhere and that resonated with me so I copied it and saved it for the appropriate occasion, which is now.
The Backup Boyfriend explained, "A lot of women don't like the idea of facing life without a man to lean on, so if they think that their current relationship is shaky they start trying to line up potential replacements. This avoids any awkward gaps with no man to bar hop with, to deal with getting the car fixed, to fix the clogged toilet, etc. Once she decides to dump the current man unit all she has to do is snap her fingers and you'll come running. Have some self respect and date a woman who is actually available and wants to be with you. It's amazing to me how often men fall for this."
Throw in a pregnancy (especially at the beginning stages of the relationship) and you are set! He is trapped and forever yours! Good luck. Parenthood is the most important responsibility one can take on.
Getting a man is easy. Men are always willing. Most women could have a roster of men on rotation. Having a quality person to share your life with, truly share your person and space with, now that is a different story.
Now I am going to take a nap outside, I love sleeping outside, feeling the wind brush my skin. It has been so hot, 90s so I have to wait with anything outdoorsy until it cools off a bit. Later park time with Chhaya.


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Jim on :

Glad things are going well for you.

Tatiana on :

Well....HELLO my friend! Thanks for checking in.

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