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The Lost Boys

30 years since The Lost Boys came out! You know when people ask you about your favorite food, color, book and movie? Well, I have three favorite movies, although I think many movies are good. Here are the three in no particular order, The Lost Boys , The Breakfast Club and Pan's Labyrinth . I freakin' LOVE The Lost Boys as do many others, everything about that movie is so good. Just everything, the cast, the music, the scenery, the story......ahhhhhhhh. I wish they played it at the local movie theatre tonight, I would so go and see it.
"Are you freebasing, Michael? Inquiring minds want to know." and “Death by stereo!”
Sadly Corey Haim passed away a few years ago. I had a huge crush on Corey and I have read what Corey Feldman said about the known pedophilia that is going on in Hollywood and I do not think he is exaggerating. I saved an article about Corey after his passing and here is one page from it, it's from 2010.

Childhood trauma can cause some severe sadness in life and many can't deal with that kind of pain and will turn to drugs and alcohol to self medicate. Look at Chester (Bennington), he was molested as a child and struggled with that and also what seemed like a rather crappy family situation in general and now he is gone too. I still can't believe that Chester is no longer here, it is unreal. Another beautiful person gone. Just WHY? I feel very, very bad for his wife and children. How does she (his wife) deal with this? I can't imagine her heartbreak. Chester seemed like a truly beautiful human being, loved by many. It is so sad that the kind, soft people with sensitive and beautiful souls often feel that life gets too hard to deal with. Those are the people that are needed here in this world. Instead the selfish loudly bellowing brutes amongst us trample on with no care about anyone else besides themselves and what benefits them.
Childhood, the formative years are extremely important, your future self gets shaped. The thoughts, emotions and memories that you have to face when alone as an adult will be there one day, that is why some people can't be alone because they can't deal with themselves and their feelings and many will numb all of that by self medicating or turn to other harmful behaviors.
The director of Pan's Labyrinth (Guillermo del Toro) is coming out with a new movie soon, I will see that on the big screen.


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