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Hello from me....I went hiking again this evening. It felt great. Let's see if I can see keep this up, I have been stagnant for too long and it is time to change that!
Came home, ate cherries and got busy reading stuff online. Came across an article talking about that Kevin Hart might be cheating on his pregnant wife. Ewwwww, noooooo! Cheating on a pregnant wife or significant other? NOT OK. Then I continued reading.....I guess the pregnant wife started out as his mistress when he was married to another woman. Well, that changes the dynamic. There is a saying, "how you get them is how you lose them". Maybe there is some truth to that, I don't know. I personally do not think it is right to get involved with a person if that person is in a serious relationship and you know that they are, whether it is a marriage or a domestic partner situation.
In Sweden many people live as domestic partners and that is looked at as serious as marriage and that is how I view it as well. I would never (never say never but I am definitely against it) get involved with a man that has a significant other.
I understand that every couple has their ups and downs and are not always happy with each other all the time but hello.....that is just reality. And every situation is different, there are excuses to why people cheat, everybody has their own story and bla bla bla.....I know. But no, I no longer feel bad for Kevin Hart's pregnant wife, if he really is cheating on her she is getting a taste of her own medicine.
OF COURSE Kevin is denying everything, denying cheating on the current pregnant wife and cheating on the ex wife with the current wife. What else should he do? Admit? No, most men don't have balls like that.

But sometimes it is probably better to be quiet. If you regret the cheating, feel remorse, got caught up in the moment or a situation but really do not want to jeopardize your relationship.....then why even bring it up? Sometimes people get involved in complicated circumstances. This is a difficult subject. I know good people that have cheated and I have also witnessed some really messed up just wrong stuff that I did not think was OK whatsoever. If cheating becomes something that happens more than once or to really stretch it....twice, then it is definitely a problem.
Now.....another "famous" person got involved with a woman and gave her herpes although he denied having any STDs. That is so disgusting, not having an STD but to lie about being clean and transmitting something knowingly. He ended up having to pay her a nice sum in settlement. First of all he can afford it, so pay up. He should pay her medical bills and for pain and suffering. I would be furious if a significant other would come home and infect me with something, there would probably be some legal consequences stemming from that misstep and perhaps a chopped off mentula. One more thing since I am talking about STDs, there is a strain of gonorrhea that is resistant to drugs. Think about that before you engage in some sort of behavior that can have some lifelong consequences, definitely think before cheating on a significant other.
Have I ever cheated? Yes...I can't talk about others and pretend to be holy myself. Yes but nothing "serious" as in going all the way with another person.
Anyhow....enough of this, I think it is time for some Depeche Mode videos now and then it will be bedtime.....Depeche Mode's Violator album has a rose on the cover. That album = amazing songs. I ❤ Depeche Mode.


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Carla on :

I am so glad that you are blogging frequently again. It is wonderful to hear of your activities, viewpoints, food likes and dislikes.... and of course your photos. Looking at your blog is a way for me to temporarily "escape" from my world to your interesting world.

As I may have told you earlier.... last month I did go to Santiago, Chile to visit my sister and her new baby. It is winter time there so there was snow on the ground and it was quite cold.... but that is better than the extreme hot temps that we have been having.

I also am planning in August to go on a cruise in August to New York City, New England and Eastern Canada with 3 gals that I work with... we are ending up at Prince Edward Island to visit where Anne of Green Gables was set.

I am glad that you are back in Oregon, out of too hot Vegas.... although as you know the Bend area is not as cool and refreshing as western Oregon near the coast.

I agree with what you stated about relationships, about being committed to a partner, and the warning you gave about STDs.... any STD, not just the drug resistant strain of gonorrhea is always bad news especially if it shared with partners.

I hope that your days are going well for you.

Tatiana on :

Chile! Nice....there is a ski resort there called Portillo that seems amazing.
Nice trips you have planned!
Oh my world is far from me but I am glad you are checking in on me!

Carla on :

Yes, indeed, Chile is a nice country... they like Americans... it has a wonderfully diverse climate. In the very south, Chile has a climate similar the Anchorage, Alaska area ....with temperatures to match, and in the far north it is comparable to San Diego or even Mexico City.... Santiago is in the middle but it is nestled against the Andes mountains so they can get some snow and cold weather in their winter time but warm like Southern California in their Summer Season. Since Chile is in the Southern Hemisphere they are in their winter season now. There time zone is the same as Eastern Time in New York. It was a very long 10 hour flight there leaving from Dallas ... then of course I first had to take a flight to Dallas .... so it is an exhausting entire day and night flight. The nice thing about it was that I was served 2 in flight meals and allowed to check in 2 bags from Dallas.

During my visit last month my sister and I did go skiing at Portillo... about a 100 miles north of Santiago and about 30 miles west of Argentina. We left her husband home to babysit for the day. Beautiful skiing resort with great restaurants featuring TASTY foods from Peru, Argentina, Chile and other countries. in the past we have been skiing together all over the USA... Big Sky Montana near Bozeman, Mt Hood near Portland, Oregon, Aspen in Colorado, Crystal on Mt Rainier near Tacoma, WA, Mammoth Mountain and Squaw Valley at South Lake Tahoe in California, Whistler near Vancouver, BC in Canada, etc, etc. It really doesn't matter where we ski, it is just good to be with my sister and family members and my friends that ski.
QUESTION for YOU ... Do you or have you skied or boarded? How did you hear of Portillo?

Santiago reminds me of Los Angeles in California... spread out city, snow capped mountains in view to the east, earthquakes, congested road system... but a fun and clean city, you can drink the water right out of the tap. Lots of good foods and a variety of restaurants, easy shopping, safe and secure neighborhoods, nice parks, good schools, etc.


Tatiana on :

I ski and got information (an info package with a cd) sent to me about Portillo back in 2007, so 10 years ago now! You ski too I take it?
It sounds like a very nice place.....!
Now I have to comment on something you wrote, "We left her husband home to babysit for the day." Maybe you did not reflect on it but I am.....See a lot of people think it is a woman's duty or job to stay home with the children when in fact it is JUST AS MUCH a man's duty, he contributed to create the kid/s therefore he has the same responsibility. Had the roles been reversed, the man would not even reflect over that the wife stayed home with the kids while he went out with his friends. But when a man stays home with the children so the wife can leave for a day or night and do something FUN outside of the house it is suddenly a big deal and should be applauded like he managed to do something special for his wife.
NO, he didn't. The children and taking care of them, changing diapers, cleaning throw up, cooking, cleaning and preparing stuff, laundry etc are JUST AS MUCH his responsibility.

Carla on :

I kinda figured that because you are from Sweden that you might do some skiing.... do you still find time to do any skiing here in the USA? or elsewhere? recently? Where are you favorite ski areas?
I came from a family that skied together and was on the slopes when I was a child. I enjoy snow skiing and snowboarding as much as I can and my sister and I have been trying to get together as often as possible for "sister ski time"... but since she has moved to Chile we obviously don't get together nearly as often.
I agree with what you shared about both the man's and woman's family responsibilities...... My sister's husband is a good father and a good man, he helps with the housework, cooking, child care and spends quite a bit of time with the kids, and it really is not a big deal for him to stay at home with the little ones while my sister has other activities.... for them it is a 2-way street, they help each other without any issues. That is the way it should work, and it does for them.

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