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A veggie burger from Whole Foods - delicious! Meat is not necessary to be healthy. Everybody can at least cut down on their meat consumption, it's about making a choice.

In the evening, a hike to see the view from the top.

It's close to midnight now, I let Chhaya outside so she can pee and after I let her in I will take out my contacts and go to sleep. I am very tired emotionally. I need rest and peace.


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Carla on :

Your Whole Foods vegie burger looks delicious....
Great picture at the top..... after midnight..... where? Still in Vegas?
I hope that you get the "rest and peace" that you desire.

Tatiana on :

The veggie burger at Whole Foods is amazing!
No....pic not taken after midnight or in Las Vegas. Closer to sunset and in Oregon.

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