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Week In Vegas

So what did I do during the one week in Vegas? Well I was busy! Vegas is HOT during the summer, it is like stepping into an oven. Full blast hot air engulfs you. But I survived the heat. The day after I arrived I went over to Emily's house to spend time with my cafe crew. I miss all of them. We caught up, laughed, ate really good food and I even had a drink, a Moscow Mule. I made a salad.

Next time I visit we might go on a day trip together, I have a place in mind.
Then I spent two days at the International Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa Conference. That was interesting.....lots of products offered for wholesale prices, demos and people all over. Many booths selling and promoting hair extensions, lash extensions and microblading. I am interested in skin care and got a 30 minute demo facial from a woman that REALLY knows her craft, Gennipher Wilson. WOW!
I did not want to leave her hands. If I ever go to this conference again I am definitely making sure to see her again, she is amazing. She has youtube videos in case you are interested.
So I was on that table and Eminence (skin care brand) products were use during the facial I got.

After the conference I had a few days left which were spent doing errands. I finally got a huge task behind me that I have been fighting since late 2015. Imagine the stress and irritation this has caused me (a LOT of stress actually). I KNEW I was in the right and I am very persistent and stubborn when I want to be, I got what I had requested but I am not done with this yet. Now I need to get redeemed but that is another issue in itself.


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Carla on :

Tatiana: I like the looks of your salad... what were all of the ingredients that you used? Dressing or just lemon juice?

It is nice that you got to see and visit with your friends from the Cafe.

Yes, Vegas is very hot this time of year, in fact, most of the USA was suffering from very high temperatures except for the Pacific Northwest nearest to Pacific Ocean.... but you already know that from all of your past travels. Hope that you get to some cooler places soon.

I would have loved to do the skin care session... it sounds like you enjoyed that part of your Vegas trip.

It is very good that you are taking care of some of your personal stress issues that have been plaguing you for a few years.... wishing you success in finally getting final victory in all of those matters. I appreciate your update.
Wishing you the best.

Tatiana on :

I chopped up cherry tomatoes, a red and an yellow bell pepper, radishes, green onions, an English cucumber and a cucumber.....brought some Blue Cheese dressing with me.
I love veggies! Now I want that salad again, I might have to make myself one tomorrow.'s been hot, 116 in Vegas the day before I got there.
Have a nice weekend! I envision you relaxing at home and sipping on some homemade ice tea and enjoying something that you baked.

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