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Today I tried yoga. I attempted it years ago but was so bored during the class that I didn't finish it. Today my intention was to join a friend for a hot power yoga class but I quickly realized that it was way too advanced for me and instead I joined another class that was easier. Still difficult though. And I wanted to quit a few times, again I felt bored and impatient but I forced myself to stay and I am glad that I did. Some of the moves, or should I say poses were difficult and the instructor impressed me, she was an older somewhat heavy lady but she did the low plank for over a minute straight in great form. I did not. I am not at all familiar with all yoga poses, the basic ones yes but far from all of them. I am not used to switching quickly and fluidly from one pose to another. Will I go again? Maybe.
I don't know. I do understand the benefits of yoga and I see how it can be good for your mind as well. I just don't know if yoga is my thing.

The Rainbow Gathering just wrapped up, this year somewhere in the Malheur National Forest in Oregon.

I went to a Rainbow Gathering years ago, this is before I ever went to Burning Man. Although I heard of Burning Man around that time. I remember staying in a tent, communal kitchens, many drum circles around fires at night, a pretty bad toilet situation, I lost my flip flop in a muddy ditch (hoping I did not step in a "toilet") while trying to locate my tent at night and got a slight case of food poisoning the last day. I definitely prefer Burning Man over the Rainbow Gathering. Burning Man is definitely my "thing". I would go to a Rainbow Gathering again if the opportunity presented itself but it's nothing I am obsessing over. If it happens it happens.
Speaking of saving the forest.....when I was about seven, me and my then best friend Helen formed our own private club called KlaKla. We spent a lot of time playing outside in an area behind our homes that had a small forest. We were the protectors of that forest and the animals. And we would nurse broken branches on the trees back to health by making casts for them. I recall we had a pet spider named Viktor that we found frozen in some ice.....we hacked him free, the ice melted and Viktor lived. No wonder that I ended up at a Rainbow Gathering and four Burning Mans and counting as an adult. I still care for trees, plants and animals, even insects. No flowers in vases for me. To me flowers do not belong in a vase. Either in a pot growing inside or growing outside. Large bouquets do nothing for me besides make me feel sorry for the pretty flowers.


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