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Faerie Ring

Look....I found a faerie ring! I LOVE faeries and mermaids! I know that in certain folklore it is considered bad luck to step into a fearie ring but since I am a helper of animals and nature in general I feel safe from that kind of superstition. Plus I am part faerie. ;-)

Today I am getting crutches, already got one pair and in a bit I will pick up another pair. I want three pairs of crutches and maybe a wheelchair as well that I am going to donate to an upcoming event. Where to find crutches? Well, I looked at Craigslist.


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Jim on :

You can get crutches at Salvation Army for very little cost.

Tatiana on :

Thanks for the tip!
I drove by a similar place the other day and saw a few wheelchairs outside and thought I need to make a stop in there and look at those and look for crutches. I'm only getting one more pair - got two already.

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