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A Glass Of Water

I called my Mom the other day.....for those who don't know, my Mom lives in Sweden a bit outside Stockholm. She told me about a situation that had recently transpired in the neighborhood.
My Mom noticed a couple of police cars outside a neighbor's house and about 8 plastic bags full of stuff close by. She asked one of the neighbors what was going on but the neighbor didn't know. Then my Mom saw the boy, a boy standing by the plastic bags and he was looking upset. So she walked up to him and asked what was going on. She knew that the boy lived there, part of a Muslim family, father, mother and three children that moved in not too long ago. The boy, actually 18 but my Mom thought he was a few years younger, started CRYING really hard when my Mom asked him how he was doing. My Mom is rather sensitive so she too started crying. The boy asked her for A GLASS OF WATER, because he was very thirsty. Ramadan has started and his father would not allow him to drink or eat during the sun being up, that is what dedicated Muslims practice during Ramadan. My Mom brought him water and he drank it and told her that he does not get along with his father, that he wants to live like the Swedish people, that he does not want to be a practicing Muslim, that he does not want to faint in school from being hungry and thirsty. Even I want to cry just writing about this. The young man goes to school, he told my Mom he wants to study and that he has good grades and wants to become a social worker.
And those plastic bags outside the house? That was his stuff that he took with him. He was leaving his family to go and stay with a friend, the police came to help him. I am not sure who called the police.
My Mom says that since Ramadan started the youngest child (a boy) is not outside playing soccer anymore, the blinds to the house are completely drawn shut all the time. The Mom of the family never spends time outside and her husband is much older than her. There is a teenage girl living there as well.
I am extremely opposed to people pushing their religious beliefs onto their children, whether it is withholding food and beverages from them during the month long Ramadan or forcing them to sit in church for several hours weekly. Once a person is grown, mature and can make their own decisons they can decide whether practicing a religion is something they want to be part of.
I feel bad for the other two kids in that family and the Mom, I am sure they are living a very oppressed life.
Not easy when two cultures collide, many children of Muslim families protest and run away or distance themselves from their families once they come to Sweden. When I lived there I knew of a teenage girl that ran away because her family were about to marry her off to some older man in a Turkish village. She did not want that, so she ran away. I would had done the same.
I think that a week at Burning Man yearly during childhood would teach children way more about life, humanity and getting along with others and helping others than any religion forced upon them during childhood.

I should add here that I feel strongly against any religion that forces children to practices that are in my opinion unhealthy, whether it's Islam, Christianity, Church of the Latter-day Saints, whatever other religion or the cult known as The Duggars.


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Carla on :

Very interesting commentary .... I agree will all that you stated. When cultures clash the result can be chaos for the family and/or chaos for the host country and host neighborhood.

I am always wondering why the UN or other country/agency did not set up protected "safe zones" in some of these hotbed areas where the people are fleeing the oppression and danger. That way they could stay in their own culture, their own language, with familiar climate and land, their own religious practices, etc without clashing with the culture in a foreign "Western" country causing chaos for everyone. I would think it would have to be less expensive for them and a lot less expensive the host country and create less hardship for everyone.

Thank you for sharing the news from your Mom in Sweden. A sad but all too true story.

Tatiana on :

Just an example....

The Duggars on the other hand are American born and in my opinion completely nuts. I feel bad for Michelle's and Jim Bob's offspring.

Carla on :

Tatiana: That was very interesting reading regarding the link to wikipedia that you mentioned.
It was interesting to see which countries have donated the most monies and help to the Syrian Refugee crisis.
Out of the $17Billion designated in 2015 .... Two countries contributed 75%, Turkey ($8Billion) and the USA ($4.7Billion) .... and all of the other countries combined in that list only contributed about 25% ($4.3Billion)... and those donations do not include the high resettlement costs incurred in the host country which include food, housing, education, etc.

Regarding the American born Duggars, it appears that some of the adult kids have distanced themselves from the Duggar Parents and their rules. At least, unlike in some of the refugee families, the family and religious ties can seem to be more easily broken if desired. The good news it that so far, no "mercy killing" or "banishment" is taking place for the Duggar girls.


Tatiana on : least no honor killings. Instead a creepy pervy older brother doing some questionable stuff to his younger sisters, very healthy. The Duggars are an embarrassment. They need to shut up, go away and pay for their own stuff.
There are other similar nut jobs out there. I am fascinated by the in your face morally righteous often loud about how right they live people when in reality they have more skeletons in their closet than I have shoes.

I always shake my head, smirk and think...."and people talk bad about strippers". LOL. Usually the ones that judge the harshest have the most to hide. Gathered from my own experiences. I am also starting to suspect, also from my own experiences by being around people, that the ones that yap the most about karma are the ones that have the shittiest pasts.

Carla on :

There certainly are humble and morally upright in this world but it is the contemptible and nefarious folks living among us that have "lost" their moral compass, that don't know right from wrong, that should be a concern to all peoples that are law abiding and contributing to society.

I absolutely agree with your opinions about those who all too frequently espouse Karma...
... although I am a believer in "what you sow you will reap"

_Galatians 6:7_ "Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap."
... It means that whatever you put out there (hate, love, kindness, etcetera), will be what comes back into your life.


Tatiana on :

Yes....what you sow you will reap. Very true.

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