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Obviously most of you with access to a TV or a computer have heard about what happened in Manchester England at the Ariana Grande concert. I found out yesterday around 5 30 PM my time. Just unreal. Again. Why?
Right now the responsibility for the suicide bombing by one male named Salman Abedi is claimed by ISIS. But ISIS claims responsibility for most terrorist attacks whether they really are responsible or not so the details are still unclear.
Nobody should have to die this way. This is just not right no matter where in the world it is happening. Really there are no words that can be used in events like these to justify anything. All the "stars" are tweeting out their condolences but that doesn't mean anything. They are not doing any real difference in the world anyways, not many of them at least. A tweet? What does a tweet do? To get a family member or friend taken from you in any violent way must be extremely painful and traumatizing. I would had been devastated for the rest of my remaining days. I don't understand what is going on in this world but I do know that human beings are the most evil and viscous beings on this planet and we will be our own demise. I am so sorry that things like this are happening, I am so sorry that some people are cruel and hurt others and animals. Life is a struggle, for some more than for others. Why make it harder? Why add more pain to the struggles we face going through life?
I am sitting here.....I ate today, I am OK, the sun is shining, I hear birds chirping, the trees are green and there are fluffy white flowers floating in the wind. My heart feels sadness, sadness for everything that is wrong. It feels pointless to write about it anymore, we all either write or talk about it......tweeting, FB posts whatever it is - still no difference. Cruelty is everywhere.


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Carla on :

I agree with your heartfelt posting regarding the terror attack and bombing in the UK.
Most of the dead and injured were young people... and very sadly there was an 8 year old girl that was killed.... what a waste of human life.... senseless for sure.

With many countries in the world trying to tighten up immigration to help prevent these kinds of disastrous things it is sad to see that some country's leaders and citizens are adopting the "World with no borders" philosophy and many of these people are eschewing any kind of vetting or immigration checks.
Your home country Sweden has been very affected by immigration, most of it good, but some is unfortunately not so good..
As you certainly know, Sweden has a population of almost 10,000,000 with about (15%) 1,500,000 foreign born and about (27%) 2,7000,000 of the Swedish population being of at least partly foreign descent. Because of this the people of Sweden have to work hard to keep their culture and their values that made Sweden a great country.

Immigration is OK as long as immigrant populations want to assimilate into their new country, learn the language and be involved and contributing citizens .

Again.... very sad news about the concert bombing, thanks for posting your thoughts.

Tatiana on :

Honestly, to me it doesn't matter if it's an 8 year old girl or a 88 year old man that gets blown up by a bomb. A human life is a human life. Senseless acts of violence = wrong. Regardless of where it happens. It's a loss to the family and loved ones regardless of the age of the victim.
On the other hand I would love for mandatory castration and sterilization of rapists, child molesters, animal abusers, people that neglect and abuse their children, anybody that displays an overly violent or aggressive mannerism should not be able to reproduce.
Life in jail or death penalty for certain crimes. Suicide bombers take their own lives so they already chose the death penalty for themselves, unfortunately they take out innocent victims that should had continued on with their lives.
As far as immigration goes, I too believe that learning the language is a must and assimilating. That does not mean you have to give up your native language or forget about your home countries traditions. But forcing your daughters to undergo FGM or labia pulling or marrying them off to some older man because it is "tradition" does not belong in Western culture. Better stay where you are then.
I speak and write in Polish as well as Swedish, English and French, some German as well. I love pierogis and certain Polish traditions as well as I LOVE Sweden with all my heart. I have since a long time considered myself a Global Citizen anyways.

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