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Our Roadtrip

I took some pictures of our roadtrip - mine and Chhaya's that is, we started the other day. Chhaya is a great traveling partner. Pay attention to the sign behind her. Just an example of how fucked up human beings really are. I am thankful that the World has animals in it, although sadly they are the recipients of our abuse.

There are all kinds of amazing things along the highway. I should stop more when driving so I can take more pictures. But you just get kind of in "I have to get there" mode and drive.

Wild Cat brothel. Nevada is the only US state where prostitution is legal. BUT.....prostitution is only legal in certain of Nevada's counties and there are 16 counties in Nevada. Las Vegas is in Clark County and contrary to popular belief, prostitution is not legal in Clark County. Does it happen anyways? bears poop in the forest? Of course. I passed a few brothels on this trip. Can you see the dog, it was a pitbull, behind the fence? They (the dog and Chhaya) stared quietly at each other for a while, then the dog barked once and I slowly drove off.
There was one semi truck parked outside.

Nevada means snow covered as in snow covered mountains. And speaking of mountains, I summited Mount Charleston outside of Vegas a long time ago. That was one long hike, exhausting but I did it! Chhaya too, she came along and had amazing energy the whole time.

Driving.....somewhere out there.

We arrived at our destination safely. Did not get any tickets and did not hit any animals on the way. The front of the car is covered in all sorts of bugs though, poor insects. We slept in the car along the way. Although I am 5'9" I can make myself small and curl up on the front seat and fall asleep, Chhaya slept on the passenger seat. Tonight I am sleeping in a bed. I am tired now, about to take my contacts out and go to bed.
Took Chhaya for a walk earlier.

My latte this morning.


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Carla on :

Very interesting post with interesting facts about Nevada.. snow, brothels, prostitution(the worlds oldest profession)... and great pictures of your road trip... disappointed

Carla on :

Co ntinued...... disappointed that you didn't include any selfies or pics of yourself.
Chaya looks happy in the water.
Drive safe.. I love road trips too!

Tatiana on :

Evertime I drive for a longer stretch in the US I am amazed at the large open spaces and the sky. So much much beauty in nature.

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