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Another Trip

About one year ago ('s been a year already) I drove out to Seven Magic Mountains, which are some tall colorful pillars right outside of Las Vegas. And yesterday I took another trip out there with my cafe crew, not everybody could make it (lame) but the rest of us had a great time. I really feel like the people I work with are like family, I like all of them a lot.
Afterwards we went to eat at The Peppermill. I had a great evening with friends.

This art installation will only be around until next year, so make sure you drive out there if you visit Vegas or live in Vegas before it's too late.


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Carla on :

Very pretty display, the pillars kinda look like stacked colored marshmallows.
What? No males in the cafe crew???

Tatiana on :

Good description.....stacked colored marshmallows!
No....I am glad it's only girls at the cafe.

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