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We Like Coconut Milk

I am trying out different coconut milks, here are some from Whole Foods and Trader Joes. Unsweetened, we like coconut milk - both me and Chhaya.

I should sleep, it's 1 AM and my alarm will sound off in five hours. Yeay.....NOT.


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Carla on :

As you do, I like the unsweetened the best. The Trader Joes is my preference.... however I did some quick research regarding the difference between 2 brands of Coconut "Milk" and Trader Joes Coconut "Beverage"
It seems that they can be quite different products made somewhat differently ...
...and with the Trader Joes Coconut "Beverage" product containing
tricalcium phosphate and Carrageenan it gives me a reason to look into this further.
I am going to research those additives more to determine if I might want to consider NOT consuming them and instead consume the "So Delicious" or the "Silk" Coconut Milk varieties..
Anyway, your Chhaya seems happy lapping up his bowl of Coconut Milk.

Tatiana on :

I noticed the same when I looked at the coconut milk from Trader Joes. Always best to stick with the most natural product.
But the unsweetened coconut milk got both of our votes.

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