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Pure Leaf

So about a year ago I came across this iced tea, Pure Leaf and I really like it. I rarely drink just water so I get stuff to drink that tastes like something. I have "promised" myself to start drinking water many times and I just don't do it. I really should just force myself. Anyhow, these are my two fave flavors by Pure Leaf - Orange Peel and Apple & Ginger. Once in a while you can but two for $4 at some gas station or go to Walmart where you can get them for cheap.

Schlepping around Walmart late at night in Vegas is a mini adventure in itself. Back in the day me and Julia would go to look for matching Hello Kitty and Care Bear underwear for work, often after work meaning around 5 AM. Going to Walmart in pajamas and slippers was a fave. Now I go in saggy sweatpants, flip flops and an overall disheveled look - Stripper Grunge. I love it. Going to raves in pajamas and slippers was a fave back in the day too. Now I go to Burning Man (although I often think about my rave days with longing). I often think back of one memory in particular, it was a Monster Massive party in LA, I was there with Julia. We had been inside the main arena and then we went to outside dance area, the air hit me and the dj played "The Diary of Jane" by Breaking Benjamin and everybody was just in sync singing and it was like electricity in the air. The raves at the Sports Arena in LA were magical. I love that song too.
Here are some hair products I haven't tried yet. A long hair deep conditioning hair wrap and some hair masques.


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Carla on :

My favorite variety of Tea House teas is the Valentia Orange Peel.

Ha, ha, ha...... I am sure that at your worst in your pajamas and slippers that you looked great, not at all like the WalMart People we all see when we go there late at night or in the wee hours of the morning.... There are several websites that specialize in the pictures of WalMart People, unbelievable for sure.

I have tried some of the Nexxus hair products and I have happily used the Humectress but I normally just buy a good conditioning shampoo. My hair is not too fussy but I don't have the length that you do.


Tatiana on :

I am one of the Walmart people!

Jeff on :

I want to try that Orange Peel tea!!!

Tatiana on :

It's pretty good. Look for it at Walmart.

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