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DJ John

I found out yesterday that DJ John at The Great Alaskan Bush Company in Anchorage passed away. I worked there for a few years and I considered John a friend. The Bush had three DJs when I worked there, John, Larry (John's brother) and Landis and I genuinely liked all three. I know that many people at The Bush are sad with DJ John's passing, he worked there for many years..... I am not sure how many but quite a few. He was part of The Bush.
I've had my small disagreements with him, he was stubborn and I would argue with him about the lights on stage when it was my turn. I told him not to blast me with "cellulite lights" and he would argue that nobody could see me when it was too dark. If I was bored or wanted to get cheered up I would go sit on the stairs next to the dj booth and he would always talk and sometimes rub my back.
He told me about his vacation home in Idaho and how beautiful it was there.
I remember him calling us girls "foxes" and sometimes he would blurt out "holy moly". He was a rock'nroll kind of man and looked the part.
He has been on my mind yesterday and today. Last night I searched the starlit sky and wondered if he is out there somewhere now.....I last saw him about two years ago. You will be missed by many my friend. I hope Larry is OK, I would give him a hug now if I could.
I have at least one picture of us together but I can't find it right now.
Maybe another time.
I have a difficult time with death and that people we care for and pets will pass away. I don't want to deal with that aspect of life......


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Carla on :

I agree with you .... dealing with the death of loved ones is a difficult process.... but death is inevitable.

I plan to live forever, so far, so good!!!!


Landis on :

I really can't believe he's gone. Both John and Larry were like brothers to me. I still haven't been able to call Larry, but I need to just to see how he's doing. I know what he's going through, I lost my brother years ago and it's just something you can never really get past. But you somehow have to find a way to keep moving forward.

Tatiana on :

Oh Landis.....I was wondering if you would read this.
I can't believe it either, that he is gone.
It's sad and I can't imagine how Larry feels and anyone (you) that loses a sibling.
Now I am going to get sad again.....
Thanks for checking in Landis, I am thinking about you.
Many hugs.

Landis on :

Tatiana, I actually read your blog quite often. It's great to be able to see how you're doing, and I'm glad to see that things look to be going well for you.
I plan on getting in touch with Larry soon to see how he's doing, I just want him m to know I'm thinking about him.
Big hugs back!!

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