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My First Crepe

Check out my first crepe (or crêpe), that I made myself that is. Not the first crepe I ate, I've had many. I love crepes, I could probably live on a diet consisting of crepes. There are savory and sweet crepes - I like both. So the other day at work I just needed a cinnamon and sugar crepe, so I made it myself. Poured the batter in the middle of the crepe maker and tried to fill the round surface evenly.
Far from perfect but acceptable, plus I am not that OCD picky with that stuff, I am going to eat the food not look at it. What matters to me is that it tastes good.
And my crepe was delicious. Of course.

Tati the chef!
Now I am going to square away some stuff on my to do list and then take Chhaya on a walk.


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Carla on :

I also love crepes and also very thin pancakes with crispy edges!
The crepe you pictured looked very fine to me... I wouldn't care if it was not perfectly round ... cinnamon and sugar crepes are also one of my favorites. Strawberry and whipped cream are good too.

Tatiana on :

Yum....crepes and thin pancakes with crispy edges!

Carla on :

"Tati the Chef" has a nice ring to it.
Perhaps you could start and star in a Food Channel cooking show, or at the very least a new Cooking and Food Blog.... or some pictures on Pinterest. ?????

Tatiana on :

Yes! I would be the RUDE, IMPATIENT and REAL chef.
I can't stand confused people that complain about the most minuscule things that might be wrong with their food.
Shut up and eat, some people have no food, ok. I am talking about the ones that complain about the smallest detail now.
I have encountered a few annoying ones like that at the cafe and I just want to throw the food at them but I am not allowed of course. Had it been MY place, I would had been known and famous for zero sugarcoating and fakeness. I can't stand BS like that. I have zero tolerance for fake people. Barf.
There would had been a large sign at the entrance, come in at your own risk and do not complain. Tati is in charge.

But I am not a cook so starting a food blog would probably not work. I am not that interested in cooking and food and I am not too particular about my food. I don't eat certain dishes but what I do eat, I eat and I like.
Just don't mess up my latte badly. The coffee places that can't make a decent latte won't get my business.

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