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Made Sure To Be There

Yesterday Zappos footed the bill for coffee and pastries between 6 AM -10 AM at Sunrise Coffee, quite generous I have to say. I made sure to be there and got myself a free iced vanilla latte and an apple muffin. Sweet! Afterwards I took Chhaya for a morning walk at Sunset park, did some errands and went to work.

In the evening I went to the postoffice on Sunset that is open late (until 9 PM) and I totally forgot it was tax due day yesterday. I had a non tax related letter I had to send but I almost turned around and left when I saw the crowd. In the end though I was only there for about 15 minutes, so not too bad.
Today I am feeling a bit under the weather. A headache started coming on hours ago and I just had dinner and took a headache pill. I rarely get headaches but when I do and it hurts, I take an Excedrin Extra Strength. Why suffer? I feel a bit better because the pill is kicking in.....soon I will take the princess for a walk.

This is how I talk to my co workers.....I am always very nice and well behaved.
I love to write them little notes of appreciation.

It was kind of slow today but we (I) make it fun. There is always something to laugh about.....


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Carla on :

You always have cheerful and positive things to say in your blog postings.... I am glad that you had a good day in spite of the fact it was slow at your work today. It is always nice to get along with your coworkers and can trade cute things to say... it makes the day go by a lot faster and more pleasantly.

So sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. I hate headaches... I usually take Ibuprofen for my aches and pains. Get to bed early tonight after your walk with Chhaya.

Get some rest and get well soon so you will feel better at work Thursday morning?

Tatiana on :

Feeling much better....been at the cafe since 7 20 this morning, turned on the music and sitting here singing along and feeling quite happy. Discovered how yummy coconut milk is, that is my new obsession.
Have a good day Carla!

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