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Not Willing To Assimilate

Good morning, a bit before 9 AM here in sunny Las Vegas. Local news is that the Bellagio hotel roof was on fire last night but nobody got hurt. THAT would had been kind of interesting to watch, instead of the usual Bellagio singing fountains.
Now to other more important news.....a woman doctor, or should I more appropriately say butcher.....somewhere outside Detroit is charged with performing female genital mutilation, or FGM on girls between the ages of six and eight for at least 12 years. This is what is known so far. Nobody knows for sure how many girls in the US have had this procedure forced upon them, since FGM is illegal and therefore a hidden practice here but it is a high number.
But see even where women have rights, these things are happening, obviously. This is a great example of people not willing to assimilate to a new culture, whether they are first or second generation immigrants. They are willing to butcher their daughters, put them through a painful and dangerous ordeal just because their culture says so, it's "tradition". These girl are scarred for life and what message does this send to these girls? That they need to alter their body so some man will find them desirable enough to marry in the future. Because a woman's worth is all about that some man should find you good enough to get married to. Some man that will most likely watch porn and cheat anyways. All a woman is to a man like that is a servant at home that should give birth to his off spring, preferably boys, cook and clean and open up her legs and allow him to penetrate her mutilated vagina whenever he feels the urge. The message is - women have no rights. The fact that parents are willing to butcher their child's body and create long lasting mental and physical problems is DISGUSTING.
The "doctor" is a woman, she should have known better.
IF FOUND GUILTY (remember, innocent until proven guilty) I hope she gets sentenced to life.
Sweden was the first Western country to make FGM illegal, that was done is 1982.
A few days ago I watched some other special on labia pulling. That too is done to young girls and that means that you stretch out your labia minora by pulling on it, so your vagina looks and feels more desirable to a man later on when you are old enough to get married. And old enough to get married in some backwards cultures means basically after you get our first period.
I personally was in 7th grade when I got my period and having sex with some older man through an arranged marriage was not even part of my reality but for some girls, SADLY, it is. I was still playing with dolls and loved horses and dogs and was going to school - that was my reality.
Labia pulling is done in some African countries and FGM is practiced in Africa, Asia and the Middle East but both FGM and labia pulling can be found where people from those places have settled, as we can see now all over the US, all over Europe, Australia and other places.
And if people can't assimilate enough to not allow their own children to get butchered, I can just imagine what other backwards ideas they have a problem leaving behind in the old country.

From BBC news "The first recorded case of FGM in the US was in 2006, when an Ethiopian immigrant was jailed for 10 years for aggravated battery and cruelty to children for mutilating his two-year-old daughter five years earlier with a pair of scissors."

I have been around people from all over the world, personal friends, acquaintances and people I have briefly met but had interesting and meaningful conversations with, so I know that there are good, kind and intelligent people EVERYWHERE from ALL OVER.
But when it comes to inflicting pain on the innocent, that have no voice - children and animals, that is when I see red. NO EXCUSE for that. I feel that the harshest penalties need to be implemented on those who commit crimes against the ones that can not defend themselves.


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Carla on :

Very well written.
Your obviously heartfelt feelings about all of this are shared by me as well... and I am certain that a vast majority of modern civilized men and women will agree with all that your stated.

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