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Mandarin Oriental

One of my hobbies is to have afternoon tea at some fancy place. A while back I found out that they serve it at the Mandarin Oriental here in Vegas, so I gathered the cafe crew and booked us in for tea last Sunday. The tea lounge is on the 23 floor. I was super excited to have afternoon tea there, we all were. Yeay!

The view is fantastic up there.

The Mandarin Oriental is one of the few hotels that does not offer gambling.
No gambling at the Four Seasons in Vegas either. Besides the tea lounge on the 23 floor there is also a very nice bar that can be worth a visit, especially right around sunset. And MoZen supposedly serves up a great breakfast and brunch and they have Dim Sum. Now you case you are planning a Vegas trip and want some ideas on where to go.
I should open up a tourist service for Sweden and offer my knowledge and expertise on Las Vegas with surrounding areas and Alaska as well. AK in the summer and NV the rest of the months. Travel with Tati! Fluent in Swedish, Polish, passable in French, German and can curse you out in a few other languages, for an extra fee of course. People pay big $$$ for abuse!
I can dole out verbal abuse, not physical.
A little lesson on the history of afternoon tea......

You get a choice between a different variety of loose leaf tea, I chose a black tea and asked for lemon on the side. Please.

You are served scones, small sandwiches and pastries. The scones come with Devonshire cream and jam, the scones are always my favorite. I ordered the vegetarian option so I got cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches and this little cone thingy, not sure what was in it.....

I took my red handbag, that was given to me as a gift recently out for the first time, thought it would make a good color contrast against my black top and pants.

Happy and full after the afternoon tea.

Afterwards we went and saw the Australian Bee Gees. My manager is married to one of the guys in the group, so I've seen the show twice now. It's good.

I can't went for the next cafe crew outing. Only one of us couldn't make it this time. I really like the people I work with, we have a lot of fun. We have five nationalities in our small group - Australia, Canada, Mexico, Sweden and USA.
My manager said that us girls are like the Spice Girls and that I am Baby Spice. :-D


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Paul on :

Nice pics Baby Spice!

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