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Mark Of The Beast

Found this article in today's local paper.

Depending on where you are on the religious believing in God scale, I am sure that there are people that will look at this as the mark of the beast. But then again, some believe that credit cards are the mark of the beast, others believe that social security numbers are. I don't really have an opinion about it. I am......spiritual. Of course the end of the times, or Armageddon sounds extremely scary. I have thought about it quite a bit myself and wondered if I would be one of the chosen ones to be saved? It could really go either way. Nobody knows. I just want to be reunited with my family and Chhaya - that is all that I am asking for.
Anyhow, the article talks about a microchip that gets implanted in the fleshy area by the thumb. This happens to take place at a company in Sweden and about 150 of the people working there got chipped already. I am not surprised this is happening in Sweden, the Scandinavian countries are well known to be advanced in innovative technology and people there overall are very forward thinking and openminded.
I am sure people will get all kinds of microchips and other electronics implanted in them in the near future. Time will tell what complications will come out of that, some good and some bad I'm sure.
Now look at the headline underneath the microchip article. That glaciers are retreating world wide. That would be global warming and if you are not lucky enough to live a long life and maybe face a possible Armageddon, then be concerned with what effects human life have on this planet instead. That is a real fact, even though from what I understand, the POTUS doesn't acknowledge global warming. Say what?
It is sad that polar bears have less room to roam because the ice is melting. I feel so bad for all the suffering animals around the world. We will destroy ourselves. Just like the Hopi prophecy says.


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Carla on :


While you raise worthy and laudable points concerning your reactions to the "human chip" and other various issues concerning the world we live in...
...for me the "human chip" issue is most disturbing. While it's possibly understandable that the "chip" may have some good points, the down side concerns me greatly regarding our privacy issues. Already with the internet, smart phones, and even the cars that we drive (many already have GPS and driving habits capability) we are constantly and sometimes without knowing, giving away our privacy. Even without the newer technology mentioned we can still identify and track individuals with finger prints, DNA, eye and retinal scans, face recognition, etc.
My fear in all of this would be the misuse and abuse of mandatory full scale "human chip" administration by governments and agencies exerting extreme control (and possible monetary and physical retribution) over it's citizens.
"Big Brother" would know everything about us and would be able to control our lives in the most extreme and unimaginable ways. Certainly an essential ingredient of Armageddon.

Very interesting thoughts that you expressed in your above posting. You, as always, intelligently compose and write about your thoughts and feelings very well. That is exactly why I enjoy your blog so much.

Tatiana on :

You know I sometimes just don't want to think about all of this. What it means, where it is leading.....where we are heading - like a herd of cattle led to some sort of demise. Why?
I am not sure what's going on. Or are we just over reacting and imagining stuff?
For sure we are ruining the planet. Plants, animals, clean air.....disappearing.

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