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High Wind Warning

It is Sunday afternoon in Las Vegas and a high wind warning is currently in effect until at least 10 this evening. It is windy indeed, I texted a friend earlier and said that there is a freakin' storm outside. The roof is about to come off on the house it sounds like and the windows are rattling.
I already ventured outside today, got latte, went to Silverado Ranch park for a walk with Chhaya and Town Square Whole Foods to get something to eat. I am staying in until later, if I go outside a flying tree branch might come crashing down on me and cause permanent damage or a traffic light beam might fall on top of the car......who knows. Actually the traffic beam falling on my car might be a good thing, I could sue the city then and become an instant millionaire. But I would have to be unharmed, well some broken bones would be worth it, just NO damage to my face (it is priceless) and Chhaya could definitely not even have a hair out of place.
A friend of mine is sick so I made some ginger lemonade yesterday and forced them to drink it, I had some too. It actually wasn't bad. You need ginger root, lemon, honey (all organic preferably) and I also added cinnamon and some turmeric. Cut up the ginger, add the rest, pour some boiling water over it all, let it steep and then drink the brew. That bottle is a drink I got for my friend, the more fluids the better when you have a cold or the flu. So I've heard. Ginger smells really yummy and refreshing when you cut it into small pieces.

So I thought I would tell you about last night, it was Saturday and I am in Las Vegas - also known as Sin City or Lost Wages. But I will talk about my night in a questionnaire style that I borrowed from a magazine to make it more fun.
Some older gentleman named Bill Nye, I do not know who he is, talked about his exciting evening and I will do the same and tell you about mine. I think his night was more eventful than mine actually. I am such a fogbone. A fogbone, for those of you who don't know, is a boring person. You can be a fogbone at any age but I find that people 30 plus have more fogbone tendencies. That is when the boring starts setting in. OMG, when I was a teenager and in my 20's (in Sweden that is) I would had NEVER stayed home on the weekend! NO WAY. I was out clubbing at least once a week, sometimes three. Now.....laying in bed with Chhaya, drinking hot tea with lemon and reading is way more appealing but then again, I go to Burning Man. Clubs in Vegas (the clubs here have been shitty for years) are so boring and lame compared to Burning Man and I much rather stay at home and read than go to some smoky bar because I don't drink and I don't want unwanted and annoying attention from amorous men. It is so exhausting. Anyhow.
Here is Tati's night at home.

I watched....Nothing. I was reading. Blogs and magazines (Time and The Atlantic).
I listened to....The radio. Talk radio 840 AM.
I played....Nothing. No YouTube music videos for me last night.
I googled....(hmmmm let me check my browser history), Hot springs in Nevada and the Navy Seals. Maybe I should join the Navy Seals? If I do I will be the only woman in the Seals, I will make history and kick ass. But I can barely do a push up......maybe they can make an exception for me?
I laughed at....I don't remember. I'm a fogbone with bad memory.
I FaceTimed with....I don't FaceTime.
I called....Nobody. Texted with some friends.
I reorganized....Got some papers ready for my taxes.

And that was it. Looks like tonight might be similar to last night. But you never know, I am in Sin City after all. Who knows, I might get inspired, take a shower, throw on something SEKSI and go down to the Red Rooster or something. ;-)


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Carla on :

It is nice to see that you are blogging more frequently again, I absolutely enjoy reading your blog posts.

The health drink for your sick friend sounds interesting but does it taste good or does it taste like medicine?

I tend to be a fogbone too, especially when the weather is bad. I like to read a lot... I usually have a couple books going at the same time.
Here, right now, the snow is coming down again, it has been snowing most every other day for weeks now. Just at and below freezing so I am staying in a lot.

I am not a lawyer but I don't think you can sue anyone when the cause of the accident is an act of God... like bad weather, storms, wind, tornadoes, etc.

Hmm, Navy Seals, a tough outfit, unless you are tougher than you appear I don't think you will be able to make it in. ... but you could ask to be in their advertisements for recruits?? !!! :-)

I am glad that you are a busy worker and your Cafe is doing well.... doing your job is more fun and the day goes faster when you are busy... there is nothing worse than a boring and "unbusy" day.

Please stay inside, stay safe, keep Chhaya safe.
Keep writing frequently.

Tatiana on :

I hate being bored at work, I have a difficult time with that. I am the loudest worker they have because when I get bored, I sing, talk in weird accents and just act "weird" in general - out of boredom. They are used to me now and Gabi calls me "special".
I would not last more than 30 minutes in the Navy Seals (NAVY SEALs to be correct), actually I would not even pass the initial physical screening. 50 push ups in 2 minutes and 10 pull ups in 2 minutes, besides swimming and running and all the other stuff you need to get cleared at. I can swim/run but push ups and pull ups? No.
It was interesting to learn more about the NAVY SEALs, crazy that there are people out there that qualify for the training and go through with it. Impressive to say the least.
Actually the ginger lemonade was quite tasty and it is rather vitamin rich so I might make it for myself once a month as a vitamin boost drink. Look it up for yourself, you might like it.
I need a few good books myself right now.
Thanks for checking in on me!

Carla on :

In my line of work (and you know what kind of work that I do) there is never a boring day, and at night and weekends I have "take-home-work" to do as well. Not bored usually busy.

When and if I do get bored at work or in my personal time I also can act weird and be loud, usually singing... I can't sing very well so people around me that hear me think strange things about me.... I can't do any weird accents however. My friends and coworkers also call me "special" among several other endearing nick-names.

Oh yeah, one of my coworker's husband was in the NAVY and he applied to be a Navy SEAL ..... he didn't make it but he is a tough guy.
The pre-screening process washes out a majority of the applicants and I heard that 90% or more of qualified and pre-screened applicants don't make it in after the training.

I hope that you and your cafe keep staying busy... and happy. What do you do with Chhaya when you are at work all day?

Tatiana on :

Chhaya is at home when I am away.

Carla on :

You mentioned that you were getting your paperwork together to file your taxes. I hope that you were able to get than done.

I have been "working" on getting my papers together since mid-February and I finally got motivated the last 2 weekend and I was able to e-file on Saturday. It feels so good to get that monkey off of my back. I am not getting a lot back for a refund but I am also not paying more with my filing so I guessed just right with my withholding.

If I lived in Vegas I would come into your Cafe and celebrate with a latte and a pastry ... and a big tip for my favorite server... a Swedish Blonde woman...... !!!!

Tatiana on :

Not done with my taxes yet. I did get most of the papers in order, I just have to set aside some time and get it done......
Good that you got yours done!

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