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Even Better

I am so happy to say that we had three very good days at the cafe. Yesterday was even better than cool!
And we even delivered an order (three sandwiches and one quiche) to the Mandarin Oriental, some guest staying there used our delivery service.
The Mandarin Oriental is one of the best hotels on the Strip, I actually want to do afternoon tea there.
I was so busy yesterday that I was running back and forth and did not have time to drink anything until 1 PM and I got there at 7 40 in the morning. It was a bit stressful I have to say. And my friend Cindy (the photographer) came to visit me at the cafe yesterday also but I didn't have to to sit down and chat with her.....

Chef Gabi made these and they were delicious.

When there is whipped cream made I get to eat what is leftover. I love whipped cream.

Yesterday after work I met up with a friend and we drove out to China Ranch and Tecopa. And last Sunday I took my cafe crew there.....a Tecopa trip twice in one week! It's so amazing out there - I have pictures that I need to show. It was the first time out there for everybody that I took, they all LOVED it. We have another outing planned soon.
Now I am doing some laundry and as soon as that is done I will take Chhaya out.....perhaps to Red Rock. Have a nice weekend everybody!


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Paul on :

Glad it's getting popular. How big is the cafe?

Love to see those Tecopa pics ;-)

Tatiana on :

I am still waiting for some pics to be sent to me before I make an entry about the Tecopa outing.
How big is the cafe.....we have four tables outside. And nine ( I think) tables inside).

Cindy on :

Your cafe is really wonderful. I loved coming to visit and the quality of treats is very impressive. I have told many about what a great gem this place is since I was there. I will be back!! Can't wait to see your Tecopa blog.

Tatiana on :

I am so pleased you liked it! Please come back! I hope to be able to spend more time with you next time you visit.
Tecopa blog will be up sometime soon.....

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