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Fat Tuesday

Today it is Fat Tuesday and in honor of that we had King Cake at the cafe, a traditional Mardi Gras dessert. Yep, with a little baby inside of it. I tasted the cake (no baby for me) and it was delicious! We sold all the King Cake we had.

In fac we sold so much of everything today that it was our best day ever so far and yesterday it was our second best day ever, today topped yesterday. I am happy that I got to be a part of that, business is picking up, people are talking about the cafe - we are very popular.
Here are just a few of our latest reviews....."Love this place. Excellent coffee. Excellent in-house made pastries. VERY friendly staff. Very clean kitchen and cafe."
"Encountered a second culinary "la petite mort" mort moment. This place is awesome. The almond croissants are out of this world amazing. Love what these guys do here. I will remain a regular here for the rest of my life."
I had a pretty good tip day as well today. :-D

Well.....I have to be up early and I am tired. Still need to take Chhaya out before I curl up and drift off to sleep.


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