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Hiiiiiiii Blog! It's late Sunday and I want to show my Gideon Shiatsu Deep Kneeding Massage Pillows with case anyone else is interesting in getting one.
I got two. A friend of mine was talking so enthusiastically about this item that I decided to get two. And they are OK.....not like going to my massage lady Cathy but not bad. Thank You Amazon!

I also got two new books to read the other day, they were both staff picks at Barnes & Noble and they seemed OK when I quickly scanned through the text at the back of them in the store, hungry for some new reading material......then the other night I attempted to read them and was disappointed with both.
So annoying, when you look forward to reading a book and then you just don't like it. That doesn't happen too often for me but these two books I don't think I will read, I guess I will just give them away. I need some new amazing books to read!
But I do read Adbusters. So a month into America's new do you think he is holding up? I have not followed everything but there has been some cringeworthy moments. I hope Ivanka steps in some more to keep him in check. The pressure to perform well as President is on now and the World is watching, who knows.....he might not last four years? By the way, I love that picture of Ivanka sitting behind the Oval Office desk with her Dad and Justin Trudeau standing on either side of her. Did you know that Ivanka converted to Judaism when she married her husband and that they honor Shabbath?
I was trying to get out of work by telling them I had to observe Shabbath too and there was also the "Day Without Immigrants" a few days ago that I said I had to honor......yeah, they think that I am kind of crazy at work.
Anyhow.....since I have Adbusters in front of me I need to quote some stuff from it.
"Modernity and its ideology basis (individualism, liberal democracy, capitalism, consumerism, and so on) are the cause of the future catastrophe of humanity, and the global domination of the Western lifestyle is the reason for the final degradation of the Earth. The West is approaching its terminus, and we should not let it drag the rest of us down into the abyss with it."
It doesn't say who said this so I have no source for the quote......
"So the Americans want to be great again. But they have eaten all the bison and deer. Bumping off all competition, they have mined all the gold, pumped out all the oil, drunk all the water and sucked out the fertility of the earth, asset stripping an entire continent and bloating themselves with unreserved greed."
- Jane Swann, Trench, UK - The Guradian Weekly.
"When people become self-centered and self-enclosed, their greed increases.
The emptier a person's heart is, the more they need things to buy, own and consume. It becomes almost impossible to accept the limits imposed by reality."
- Pope Francis.
Ponder that for a bit.....ugh.....I don't want to have an empty heart. Ever.
Now from politics and world problems to something totally different, girls in bikinis. I LOVE Sports Illustrated but this 2017 edition is probably the worst I have seen. What happened to all the beautiful girls? Irina Shayk is pregnant so she can't do it and I love her but seriously Kate Upton on the cover....again? She is not, in my opinion, Sports Illustrated material, neither is Chrissy Teigen. Kate is large and flabby. Yes.....large for being a model of that caliber. Perhaps not large compared to the average girl/woman in the US but for modeling she is not in good shape at all. Hannah Ferguson looks good in the pictures and in the model search they had some very beautiful girls and my my fave was Barbara Palvin. Gorgeous face and body.
A couple of the models were very fortunate and got to travel all the way to Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort up in Lapland, Finland. I want to go there too and meet Santa, steam in a sauna and sleep in a glass igloo!
Yes, Tati the connoisseur of beautiful girls have spoken. I have seen many so I know what I am talking about.....


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Carla on :

Well, regarding your comments about the women shown in the Sports Illustrated magazine Swimsuit Issue. I look at those women and I have a different viewpoint as you ....

...I am just a normal looking young woman without exceptional curves and I look at the pictures and I have a difficult time identifying with any of them.... they do not look like the vast majority of "normal" women and mothers that I deal with all the time..

Those women in the magazine all are most certainly very beautiful in every respect, they do of course show more skin than my modesty allows.
I can see your viewpoint because you are a very beautiful woman yourself with curves in all the right places.

There is no doubt that regular looking women would not be a big seller in the magazine business but it is nice to see that there are more and more models appearing in the business that are not skinny/minis... most of us regular gals like to see that change.

Tatiana on :

Most runway models/high fashion models don't have "exceptional curves". But they have, most of them, exceptional bodies with amazing shape.....long thin legs and arms, a defined waist, flat stomach - nice body overall. As they should (I think) if they are going to walk for the major fashion designers. Or Victoria's Secret or model for SI.
The exceptional curves are often not real but most high fashion models don't have implants and definitely not Kardashian behinds (that are not real anyways). Kendall obviously have not injected anything into her behind and she has the best body of the 5 sisters, in my opinion.
Kate Upton might be pretty for many but her figure is not runway because her midsection (front and back) is really awful for a model. Especially a SI model.
Now there are models in different sizes and shapes and the latest SI has those models too.
SI is a swimsuit magazine and if you go to any beach or pool during swimming season that is the amount of skin most people show.
I am not comparing a middle aged woman with a few kids to a high fashion runway model. I was talking about models in general. Like these.....especially Karolina, Naomi and Gisele in this video. Those are nice bodies (to me). Although I have admired all kinds of female shapes and bodies that did not look like that.

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