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Pizza Time

Today I felt a strong craving for pizza so I decided I would have pizza time this evening. Well, one large pizza turned into two. I guess they burnt my first pizza, a Margherita and the manager decided to give me the slightly burnt pizza plus another large pizza and a $5 off coupon. Thank You Grimaldi's! So now I have food for the rest of the week, well not really actually......because I scarfed down most of the burnt pizza already.

Actually eating burnt food, certain burnt foods is kind of bad. Studies have linked burnt food to cancer, read up on it yourself. Look up acrylamide and burnt food.
And here are our cute cupcakes and Valentine's Day cake at work. We offer custom order cakes at the cafe.....

I am kind of tired, I want to hop in the bath and wash my hair before I get too comfortable and fall asleep. Last night I fell asleep with Chhaya on her bed, not the first time we fall asleep together on her bed (dog bed) although "my" bed is her bed too. Of course. Somtimes snuggling on a doggie bed feels very cozy.
Well, I have to be up at 6 15 am so I am going to say goodnight now.
ONE more thing before I go......I had a package waiting for me at work today with a magazine and a letter from one of my readers. More about that tomorrow.


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Carla on :

Tatiana: Oh my... a package, a magazine... and a letter waiting for you at work.... a secret admirer or a Valentines sweetheart ... or just a good friend keeping in touch with you perhaps???

Your Pizza looks very tasty... but of course when I am hungry so most foods looks particularly tasty. I am having some Beef Barley soup that I made this morning.... I am eating it for lunch. Hot soup on a cold and snowy day is very, very NICE !!!

Weather here is getting worse... about 2 feet of snow with more coming down ..... I am ready for spring time.

Best wishes to you today......

Tatiana on :

I love hot soup on a cold day.

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