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Went to a place called PublicUs this afternoon with my cafe squad. was me, the owner and the manager and their spouses plus the owner's boy.
Not everybody could make it. Another time hopefully. We wanted to check out PublicUs since it has great reviews. In case you want to go it's located on Fremont Street and Maryland Parkway.
My fave part was that they have small real trees inside the place and tables built around them, I like that. But besides that I don't think I will go back......we all had a tea called London Fog and we all sent it back because instead of hot, ever warm......they served it to us tepid because that's how it is supposed to be. Really? So we had them remake them for us. I am the person that orders my latte extra a tepid tea was like yuck. But the company was great, I really enjoy the people I work with - we have fun together and get along.

Then I drove through Las Vegas Boulevard, I haven't been on the Strip in a while. They are building new hotels, a huge (or should I say YUGE) building is slowly coming up north of the Encore and then they are building Resorts World which is on a large piece of land.....but that one is still a few years away from being finished.
Chinese New Year is upon us, year of The Rooster - Happy Chinese New Year!
You can go and celebrate at the Lucky Dragon (opened a few months ago) an Asian themed hotel. If you are in the mood for some bird nest soup you can savor some at a restaurant called Phoenix for "only"
$168. Bird nest soup.......BARF! I am shuddering with the thought of eating that, sorry to all the bird nest soup lovers out there.
Business as usual in Sin City - girls to your room, just dial a number. Just be careful so you don't get robbed of your money, watch, laptop and left locked out nekkid on the hotel balcony. It happens. That is what you get for being desperate and stupid I guess......

Well....I have watched the entire three seasons of SKAM again. I will probably watch the whole thing a third time and I can't wait for season four to come out.
I love it! The love story between Noora and William is super cute but then he (William) kind of disappears and that is very disappointing but the MOST romantic and beautiful love story I have ever (?) seen is the one between Even and Isak. OMG. I can't get enough of them two and the whole of Sweden is also buzzing with SKAM fever, everybody is in love with Even and Isak or as they are also called.....EVAK.
Also, the acting is SUBERB. I don't know where they found these kids but they are AMAZING and so cute all of them. It feels very real, like they are not acting at all. And I really like the portrayal of friendship amongst the main characters, especially the boys. It is so nice to see just genuine friendship and that they care about each other. Makes me REALLY miss my old and true friends in Sweden, what I have with them is that kind of friendship.

"I saw you the first day of school."

And this......"And when everything seems hopeless you need to take it one day at a time. And if one day becomes too much, then just take one hour at a time. And if an hour is too much, just take a minute at a time."
I can totally relate. I know how it feels to be deeply sad and when everything seems hopeless......
HUGS to all of you out there reading this. If you are sad.....I hope it gets better soon. ❤


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Carla on :

Tatiana: As always, I really enjoy your blog postings.... When I log-in on my computer I eagerly go to your site hoping to see and to read a new post. ❤

Thank you for the hug.... and no, I am not sad... my job, my relationships and my life are in seemingly good order, after all I am an optimist.
My favorite (old) quote from Winston Churchill states:
♦"A Pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity;
an Optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty."♦

eweee.... I just read about Bird Nest Soup... I am with you, I am not eating bird spit. Evidently these nests are actually made out of bird saliva, which has dried and hardened. a pound of these bird nests fetches over $4,500 (USD) !!!!


Tatiana on :

Yes.....this "delicacy" is quite expensive. I would never eat that, just the thought of it makes me feel kind of queasy.
I know you are not sad (I can tell) but somebody out there might be.....


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