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Foam Heart

It's been raining all day today.....when I woke up it was pouring down and eight hours later it is still raining. Kind of cozy.
I started my day with a visit to Illumilatte. I have actually been asked if I want to work there.....very tempting because I really like the place and they are way more focused on the coffee aspect than where I work but I had to say no because I just don't have the time to devote to another job right now. Today when I went the barista made a foam heart for me. I really like the girls that work there.

Then I drove around and did errands, got food, got some other errand partner was less than amused with the weather and the boring errands. No long walk today, she doesn't like getting rained on. She is such a cutie!

Oh is the tip jar at my place. It was just a plain jar when I started and I added the rest. I think I will switch it up soon with perhaps a beaming sun, or something else. Maybe a pic of me? ;-)
So while we do have latte, cappuccino, macchiato, americano, straight espresso shots on the menu, we also have tea, chai and lemonade that we make at the cafe and sodas, Perrier etc. We offer crepes (savory and sweet), sandwiches, salads, quiche, croissants (butter, almond and chocolate) and all kinds of baked goods. We are a cafe (a nice cafe), not only a coffee shop.
As far as the tips go......some people tip others don't tip at all. Some give the change (coins) others give a dollar or a few. At first I was surprised that some people don't tip at all but now I don't care anymore. It is what it is and it adds up throughout the day. I am happy regardless.

What else.....? Here is a pic from my shoot with Cindy last month. I like the different layers to it. That is me in the background although you can barely see me.

So it is Sunday evening. A new work week is starting for many tomorrow. Have a pleasant evening and a good week until next time I check in. I am going to make Chhaya dinner and watch SKAM, I am re watching it. You can watch it too (they have all the episodes with English subtitles on Google Drive) .....I love it, total nostalgia trip back to my teenage school years.


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Carla on :

Enjoy the rain, the western USA needs all the rain it can get... if you get a chance... on your computer type in the Google Search and look for Lake Mead water level, Hoover Dam, etc... what you will see will shock you regarding the low water levels. Unfortunately for many areas in the west the rain is coming all at once causing flooding and property damage... but still the rain (and snow in the mountains) is a good thing.

I like your decorations on the tip jar, it has to be better than just a plain jar. Hmm, a picture of you on the jar would be nice but I don't think that your co-workers would like that!!! LOL
I worked as a barista for a time when I was in college, it was a small espresso shop with some breakfast pastries and muffins so there was just me sometimes or usually 2 of us. We always decorated our tip jars with cute stickers.... and, I am sure that you know this, but we always put some "seed" money in the jars.... coins, bills, etc.... no one wanted to put a tip into an empty jar!!!

Thanks for describing your shop where you work... so it is a cafe that serves various foods, breakfast, lunches, etc.... very nice. Do you wait on the tables or do the customers pick up their order and take it to their table?... if you wait on the tables do you get tips left on their table when they leave??

I love the picture of Chhaya... cute cover up keeps Chhaya warm and cozy.
Have a great day at work on Monday.... I don't like Mondays and neither do my students in my class.

Tatiana on :

People order at the counter, with me.....I ring them up, take the money and give change. I make the coffee/tea/prepare the drinks and carry whatever they ordered (including food and desserts) out to the table. We also get to go orders that I put together. I don't make the food although I sometime help the chefs with smaller tasks like putting together a salad, heating up croissants.....
We don't have a specific breakfast or lunch menu. The menu stays the same throughout the day. It's cafe food I guess.....but yummy.
Yes, sometimes there is money on the table.

I have been to Lake Mead several times and went to Hoover Dam last year. Yes, I am aware of the water levels.
I can't stand Vegas in the summer - way too hot for me.

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