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Ringling Brothers

GREAT news that Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus has announced that it is closing the curtain after operating for well over a century. FINALLY! They have a number of shows left to do in the next four months and then they are done. Declining ticket sales means that people do not want to support animal cruelty anymore. Pressure from various animal rights organizations on the circus is also a strong factor for the closure. Bravo!
I don't care if humans want to put on shows for other humans as long as it's not coerced but to cage animals and force them to perform for an audience is just cruel. The elephants the circus used have retired since a while now I guess, they are at some sanctuary in Florida where I hope they can live comfortably and peacefully. The rest of the animals will still have to perform for a few more months until the circus is done.
I don't know how any adult with a functioning brain can attend a circus with animals and think it is entertaining? Especially not in these times.
When I was a kid my Mom would smoke in the car with me in it although I absolutely HATED it and felt sick the whole time (I hated car rides because of that), women would smoke when pregnant and a bunch of other things that I hope nobody does nowadays since we seem to become more informed about certain issues as time goes by and we supposedly "evolve". Although there are plenty of examples of idiots everywhere that sadly reproduce. But humans are greedy and only care about themselves, so taking themselves and their snotty whiny brats to a circus to watch animals suffer is something they feel they are entitled to do. BARF.
There are MANY pictures and MUCH information online about how animals in captivity are treated.
In the wild they are hunted and killed for pleasure or for certain body parts and left to rot.
Even household pets are not safe from psychos. How about the scumbag that is accused of sticking his disgusting dick into his pitbull more than 100 times? Some piece of shit in Florida and when I googled it, another scumbag in Florida did the same in his backyard a few years ago and a shocked neighbor called the cops. That scumbag had 8 pitbulls in his possession. Now if you look at these scumbag's mugshots you can just see that they are either inbred or slow, or injured from either fetal alcohol syndrome or a long self inflicted exposure to either alcohol or drugs. I hope they both die, soon. I have zero sympathy for trash like that.
And then some other man (of course) also in Florida thought it would be a good idea to try to rape a pitbull that he tried to grab in a park, in this instance he got his dick and balls torn apart by the dog. That dog should get an award. How come no women are running around in public parks attacking adults, children and animals to try to make their rape fantasies reality?
Have I ever been to a circus? Yes, once as a child and once as an adult (a stupid adult) and shortly after that I started becoming increasingly aware of how we treat animals and started making personal choices in my life that would reflect on my awareness.
I am only hoping to be able to better myself and my choices and make this world a better place even if only by small personal efforts and actions (maybe one day something big) before it is my time to pass on.

Lots of great info on here......

I might have to take a drive out to this place......


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Annette on :

I always hated the circus....I would worry about the animals. I think they should close down zoos too I can't stand to see them in their little pretend environments. In st.paul they have a zoo and they did update the polor bear exhibit...the original one was awful .. I was sad for days after seeing that. That man that raped the pit bull should be shot in the head ... That makes me sick......Tatiana maybe you could work at a refuge center;)

Tatiana on :

All those "men" that decided to molest an animal like that should get shot in the head.
Yes, I agree about zoos. Except conservation type places or rescue places.

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