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Coffee Stuff

Some coffee stuff talk this Friday the 13th evening.....
I am trying this coconut cream & almond milk mixture called Better Half instead of dairy half and half for my at home coffee. It works.

After my last two lattes this month were a disappointment at Bad Owl coffee shop I think I am done with that place......not my side of town anyways.

We use Black Drop coffee at "my" cafe. That is me (taking the pic) making a coffee this morning, well pushing a button, the machine is doing the rest.

And yes.....we did get a Yelp review the other day, I was not working that day but it still makes me happy. The cafe is owned by an amazing girl and I want her place to become a success.
"I am impressed by this Black Drop coffee. Best I ever had. I like the decor and hospitality of the staff. Great place. I will be going back this week."

Speaking of Friday the 13th and scary stuff. I love scary movies and haunted houses so I might entertain myself with a scary movie tonight. It's good I have a buff pitbull to hug at night. A very gassy pitbull this evening, she got a mixture of Whole Foods goodies for dinner. Broccoli was one of the ingredients.
Anyhow......many years ago I would sometimes entertain myself and friends with the Ouija board but one evening after a weird (of many) and scary encounter/meeting/occurance or whatever you want to describe it as I decided never again and I have stuck to that promise. I dabbled in that a few times in the past and I think it is real. Scary real. In Sweden we call it Anden i Glaset and I would make my own Ouija boards.....and use a glass and a candle.
Goodnight! :-)


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Carla on :

A wonderful post!!!
.... interesting information about Better Half ... I have never heard of it however I have used Almond Milk and Coconut Milk in my coffee and in my cereal... is Better Half similar to those?

Bad Owl must have had bad coffee for you to not go there again... what was wrong with it?

Is Black Drop coffee local to Las Vegas? Perhaps I can obtain Black Drop coffee on the internet??

Good news regarding the positive Yelp review.

Hmmm, I think you are correct about "never again" using the Ouija board.... I have always stayed away from Ouija boards and other supernatural stuff like reading tea leaves, fortune telling, etc, etc.... that stuff is scary to me and not something I want to be involved in because my belief is that it is kinda related to witchcraft... only my opinion.

Tatiana on :

Black Drop coffee is from California.

Bad Owl tasted burnt and off. I must be used to my other daily coffees. My all time fave is still Kaladi from AK though.

I don't know if Better Half is similar to what you mention, I just wanted an alternative to dairy. I feel bad for the cows.

I am FASCINATED by the supernatural.....all that stuff. But I felt that the Ouija board could take me somewhere I did not want to go and decided to quit while ahead.

Carla on :

Tatiana !!!
I am a very happy camper!! Thank you much for your suggestion regarding Black Drop coffee.

Last evening when I came home from work I had a package waiting at my doorstep.... Last Saturday I ordered online several products from Black Drop in California and just received them last night.
Whole bean coffee: Blak Blend
Signature Blend
Organic Decaf Blend
Tea: Apricot
Berrylicious Hibiscus

I do not have a fancy espresso machine but I do have a drip brewer that allows me to do single cup or carafe... I love well fresh ground and brewed coffee.

This morning before work I brewed a cup of the Signature Blend.... and I brewed a second cup to put in my thermal mug to take to work..... fantastic coffee !

Thank you again for your suggestions.
Happy Camper,
Carla :-)

Tatiana on :

Oh I am glad you like it! :-)
We have many people that say that the coffee is very good at the cafe, especially when they have an Americano.
We use teas by Harney & Sons, I have been drinking tea at work, either Earl Grey (very good) or the Holiday Tea.

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