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Not Politically Correct

January 8 many have broken their New Year's resolutions? I did not make any and I went running three times this week, about a 30 minute run each time. I like the way it makes me feel.
So.....if you are one of those politically correct or easily offended types you should probably stop reading now. My blog is not politically correct because I am not, I say whatever is on my mind. If you don't like it or don't agree, oh well. Opinions are, as we all know, like assholes......everybody has one. I might not be right all the time and if I feel I said something wrong I will be the first one to admit that and even apologize IF I feel it is necessary. Some people don't care much about anything besides their own business and barely even that (lucky them). Maybe I care too much but at least I feel alive.
So let's start with today's news. Something that seems to be rather normal in this country, a daily thing. A Mom and her boyfriend raped and murdered the Mom's 14 year old adopted daughter. I guess it had been a fantasy of theirs for a while. The girl was tortured, raped and murdered. Oh all the stellar "Moms" out there that put the well being and safety of their own children on the back burner just so they can have a "man" in their life. Whether it's abuse, neglect, getting high or drunk together, molestation or murder. What the FUCK is wrong with you women? STOP looking for "love" in random places when you have children and things did not work out so well with the person you had your kid/s with, BE A MOTHER and put the "love" business on hold. I don't have children. By choice. But I can tell you this much, if some piece of shit man would had even touched my kid the wrong way, with my temper, I would had cut him into pieces. Talking only does so much. And I have noticed that the new "trend" even when you looked the other way while your new boyfriend abused or raped your child/children is to set up a GoFundMe account to help out with funeral costs. Yeah.....have the public pay for your immoral shortcomings.
These two pieces of shits that did this to the 14 year old girl should get the death penalty. Why should they even be allowed to get out in society one day? Plus the girl was ADOPTED.....just another reason to be sure you WANT to have children before you decide to start squeezing them out. Any moron can donate sperm or carry a baby, it's a completely different thing to be a PARENT.
And how about the gang of four that kidnapped and tortured a disabled teen while streaming some of it live on Facebook. "Fuck white people" and "fuck Donald Trump"? Looking at their pathetic and ugly mugshots I can tell that they severely lack intelligence. I hope they get royally fucked in prison where they belong for a very long time. Where is Al Sharpton, how come he is not loudly yelling from somewhere? I would like for him to say something about this. You know what...I am SO over the Black Lives Matter movement, I am sick and tired of hearing about it. These four assholes lives certainly do not matter to me. MAKE YOUR life matter, regardless of the color of your skin.
Another two stellar members of society who's lives don't matter are the two disgusting excuses for humans that got convicted in making crush videos (Brent Justice and Ashley Richards)....I hope they get tortured to death in prison. So before you think it is a GREAT idea for your cute dog or cat to produce a litter or a few......think about what might happen to the puppies or kittens if they end up in the wrong hands. THINK. Will you please?
And if you are in a gang, whatever ethnicity you are, if you are an adult and in a gang and get shot that is the life you chose for yourself. I do not have any sympathy for some fools getting shot in Chicago or anywhere else because they are in gangs. We are better off with them dead anyways. I feel bad for innocent people that get caught in gun fire or fall victim to any other violent act carried out by these leeches on society. I feel bad for the police that have deal with that bullshit on an everyday basis, it's good I am not a cop. What's really scary is that people like that breed. A lot.
Again, I wish there was some mandatory "fit for parenting" test you would have to pass before you were allowed to reproduce. I think society would be better off then.
OK.....I think that was it for this Sunday evening. I got a new book (yes!), The IKEA Story by Bertil Torekull. I freakin' LOVE IKEA! They should open up a store in Anchorage and have me manage it.


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Carla on :

Tatiana: Please don't get upset with me for such a long reply but I need to "vent" too....

I completely agree with all of your comments in your blog post above... Yes, I too am not very "politically correct" ... plus the moral decline of not just the USA but the entire world has led to the kind of stuff you talked about....

>>rape and murder of a 14 year old girl by a mom and the mom's boyfriend....

>>kidnap and torture of that disabled teen by 4 young adults.... and, yes why isn't Black Lives Matter, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson saying something about this.... if the races would have been the opposite, a black disabled youth being kidnapped and tortured by 4 white young adults, all hell would have broken loose by Al Sharpton and associated black groups.

>>And... what the heck is happening with the Fort Lauderdale airport shooting...
>>the extremely high number of deadly shootings in Chicago (Chicago has the strictest gun laws in the USA ... it's not working... why do people think more gun laws will help... only criminals will have guns because they don't care about laws) ...

>>and the despicable crush videos, what the heck is wrong with some people?

>>And... what is going on with POLICE being targeted, shot and ambushed all over our country? I have a hard time believing that it is NOT connected to Black Lives matter movement in some way.

>>I am so very fed up with people getting so easily offended with everything and anything that they don't like. They need to get to their "safe space" and stay there forever with their hot chocolate, coloring book, play dough, comfort puppies and counselors... all paid for by people who actually work for a living.

>>and last but not least, I wish the election/voter losers would get over themselves and get on with their life, Hillary lost, Trump won, get over it. They are sore losers. I voted against Obama both times but I accepted the election results, sure I was disappointed but I got over it and got on with my life. I was upset with his programs and his picks of Hillary, Kerry, Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder, etc and how all of them further dismantled the USA that grew up in and that I love.

>>oh, as one further thought... what is it with the very high paid athletes not respecting the USA flag and our National Anthem at the beginning of sporting events. Many of these (primadonna) players are making millions of dollars per year... what are they protesting?... and with all of their personal success how can they claim to empathize and identify with a few of their "disadvantaged" followers? What other country could they live in and make that kind of money throwing a ball around.

I could go on and on as I am certain that you also could.
I am very glad you are feeling better.
Stay healthy and keep writing. :-)

Tatiana on : are right, I could go on and on too. LOL!

Violence against the police is wrong. One day you might need help from a police officer. I am aware that there are corrupt cops out there. And some that are out of line. But I think most are trying to do their job as well as they can.
A few years ago I dealt with a dude in uniform that took it too far. I went down to the police station and had a talk with his supervisor.
In Sweden bricks and rocks get hurled at the police when the police go to the areas where many foreign born reside. Swedes are way too nice overall, I would had dealt with that bullshit differently.

High paid athletes are way overpaid and for what? I am not a sport fanatic whatsoever. The ones making millions of $$$ here in the US should be eternally grateful that they are able to be in the position they are in.
The only one athlete that I find interesting is Zlatan. For now.

Carla on :

Tatiana: Oh yeah, I hear about areas (some right here in the USA like in Dearborn, Michigan) that have a high percentage of foreign born residents ... places that are not safe places for us to go.... even the police hesitate to enter.... I would think that those refugees trying to escape the tyranny of where they came from would want to embrace the stability of their "new" country ... USA, Sweden, France, Germany, etc...
.... instead it appears that they want to make their new host country just like the place that they fled from. "Safe" zones should have been created (by the UN) in areas in the middle east that those refugees could have settled in and be comfortable in their own cultural settings.... thus eliminating language and culture shock.... and they could have their own Sharia Law without trying to change our legal system to their liking. (by the way it is difficult for me to believe that the women living under their culture and Sharia Law would want to continue with being treated as property)
The other problem is that they are very prolific and having many more children and much larger families than the citizens of the "western" countries that they settle in.... it doesn't require a lot of thought to realize that in a few generations they may be the majority.

Many thanks for letting me vent. I may have to start my own blog so I can blow off some steam without loading up your comment section. :-)

Tatiana on :

I wish everybody could get along but as long as some people push their fanatic views on others in a violent way it's not going to happen.
I don't have the energy right now to write about this anymore, I feel like I have so many times.

I heard this interview at NPR today.....very interesting and well spoken by this Father of two (Omar Saif Ghobash).

Carla on :

Dear Tatiana:
I agree with you.... I don't have the energy to go on and on any longer. The world can be a violent and unhappy place.

How about posting a happy post with happy pictures of you at a park, shopping, at work, with Cchaya, etc..

It is snowing here now... over 2 inches in less than an hour... lots of fun outside when I was out on my morning walk... slipping and sliding and having "fun"
:-) Carla

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