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Open Mic

This evening me and a girl I work at the cafe with (Gabi) went to Illumilatte for open mic night. We had a lavender tea latte each, very good. Watched some local musicians sing and play.

Now I am back home after a quick trip to the grocery store to get some watermelon, Chhaya eats watermelon too. We share.
Speaking of open mic and music, back in the day I so wanted my own band.
A CRAZY over the top band and I wanted the band to be called Dirty Sanchez. I think whatever I would had came up with would had been great but nobody wanted to join me in the Dirty Sanchez project. Booooooo! Now I am trying to convince Roxy to start a Dirty Sanchez band with me but she is not interested. I don't blame her....LOL! She suggested I just hold some instrument, pretend to play it and look pretty. Kind of like the girls in that Robert Palmer video...... Addicted To Love .
I guess I can stand behind a synthesizer like a female version of Nick Rhodes.
Roxy has like a small studio set up at home, I was playing and singing with her the other night. We had fun. American Idol next?


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Carla on :

@ Tatiana: Interesting... you mentioned that you were playing and singing in Roxy's home studio... do you play an instrument or do you sing with some degree of accomplishment? I can't hold a tune in a bucket but I love to sing... but do play the piano/keyboard fairly well.

Me too, I always thought it would have been neat to be a Palmer girl like in that video. I can sway and and dance and look pretty.... but weren't all the Palmer girls burnettes? As blondes we would stand out in the crowd.

Gee whiz.... I live way up in a Midwest northern state, and it is very cold, snow, ice and wind .... and it is not even officially winter yet..... and watermelon can be hard to find this time of year... and if I do find it, it is expensive and not too good.... otherwise I love watermelon and most other melons like cantaloupe and honeydew melons and usually eat mass quantities when available.
Best wishes to you.

Tatiana on :

I LOVE to sing and sometimes (at least) I think it sounds OK.
But it might only be in my ears.
I played the piano as a child. I can polish off Chopin & Mozart like a concert pianist. LOL. Not.
Yes, the girls in the Robert Palmer video, if I recall it right had dark brown hair, red lipstick, lots of black around the eyes and black clothes. Time for new girls!
Gee whiz! :-D

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