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I love spicy food. This salsa called "Death Salsa" is very hot. My mouth burns when I eat it. I got one for my friend Mikey and he he could not eat it, too hot for him. And today I tried the blackberry serrano Noosa. If you like yoghurt and haven't tried Noosa yet, you HAVE to - it is so creamy and delicious. Spicy yoghurt might sound a bit strange but it is surprisingly tasty, I have to try the raspberry habanero one. I am definitely a spicy food person. My Mom used to say that spicy food is really good for the stomach and intestinal flora. And fermented food like sauerkraut too, another food that I love.

And this tea I really like also (not spicy), Youthberry by Teavana......mmmmmmmmm! It's so good! And it smells heavenly.


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