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Holiday Tea

I have to be at work at 7 30 this morning. Surprisingly I love the opening shift and rather work the opening than closing. When opening I am there at 7 30 or 8 30 AM depending on what day of the week it is and when I close I start at 11 30 AM until about 5 30 - 5 45 PM.
The other day I made some of the Holiday Tea for me and Gabi (our chef) to try. We have some nice teas as well, not only coffee, our teas are by Harney & Sons. I liked it and might send some to my friend Marie in Sweden. She drinks a lot of tea and I would like for her to try this one. I started drinking tea when I was about 12. Coffee came some some years later. I spent many evenings drinking tea with Marie and talking for hours and lots of time with her at various caf├ęs all over Stockholm with a large cafe au lait each.

And I got my first Yelp review! We had a nice couple in last Saturday, besides food and dessert they ordered a doppio and a latte. The man took a pic and I can be seen behind the espresso machine and he wrote, "Exceeds high expectations. Romantic, delicious food and beverages. Service and enviroment is comfortable and elegant. Incredible bakery & cafe." Five stars too!
So it was not I per se that got the review but it was only and Gabi working that day. It made me happy to see that review! :-)
Well, I am off to work now.......FUN!


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