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I thought I would show you what I have been up to in pictures. The other day I got an acute pierogi craving. So I ate pierogis for two days in a row, with lots of fried red onion and sour creme on the side. Then I had a pasta craving. I am fattening up for the winter like a bear.

I am also trying to finish up some arts and crafts projects......

It is kind of cold here at night now and I love the chilly evenings. I had to pull up my hoodie on tonight's walk with Chhaya and wear gloves, she likes the cooler weather too.

Chhaya got a new toy today. Only a matter of time until she tears it apart and takes out the squeakies. Then she will want to play tug with it. Tug and hide and seek are her fave games. She can't get enough of that.

The other day when we were out doing errands, we were waiting for the light to turn green, I had Chhaya in the passenger seat and her window was rolled down. A lady pulls up and said that she just had to say that Chhaya is so beautiful. I know I said, I heard it from strangers so many times - Chhaya is a very pretty girl.
My baby.
Now we are in bed. I just got out of the shower and I washed all my bedding today, so I am feeling extra cozy in the bed tonight. I put on some new food cream I haven't tried before and I am about to put dog paw salve on Chhaya's feet now. Then sleep.


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Carla on :

Tatiana: I really like your latest posting... the pictures are all very nice to see. It is nice to see that politics is taking a back seat for now, although the election ballot recounts scandal is taking over the news again and keeping the protestors agitated.

I love Polish food, I have a Polish friend that makes her native foods all the time and shares them with me occasionally... her pierogis are so good and very habit forming, I can't eat just one. She also makes several variations of Borscht with a nice varieties of vegetables... a nice Cabbage soup... and the traditional red beet, veggies and sausage recipe. A great hot meal on a cold day.

Italian food.... mmm, mmm, Pasta, Italian Sausage !!! I just made a very tasty Lasagna dinner for several friends I had over for a game night. ... and for another hot meal, Beef Stroganoff with the wide pasta. I also like to make colorful Pasta Salads with colored Rotini (I call them screwy noodles) pasta...

What kind of foot cream are you mentioning in your posting?

I love your pics and dialog regarding your beloved and beautiful Chhaya.

No pics of you with your Latte? I am practicing making them so I can eventually be your assistant!!!!


Carla on :

I looked more closely at the picture... the foot cream is obviously called Natralia Heel Balm. On my phone's tiny screen it was difficult to see that information.

I read some of the reviews on Amazon... some good, some bad. What is your opinion?

Tatiana on :

Who can eat ONLY one pierogi? I eat the whole package (I buy them, don't make them) and the package has 12. YUM!
I had cabbage soup the other day. Also YUM!
Yes, Natralia Heel Balm. Never tried it prior to the other night, I got it at Sprouts. So far so good.....I put it on twice. I will do it for a week straight before bed and let you know what I think.
If you are looking to really soften your skin on your feet, look for a cream containing a high concentration of urea. This one has urea but I don't think that much.
Latte pics another time......

Carla on :

Tatiana: Yes, I would like to more effectively soften the skin on my feet and heels. I just might try the Natralia Heel Balm. It is only $5 to $6 per tube so that will be worth trying.

Hmmm: Urea.... I thought I remembered that Urea has something to do with urine so I looked up the dictionary definition:
"a colorless crystalline compound that is the main nitrogenous breakdown product of protein metabolism in mammals and is excreted in urine"

Hmm, now I am looking at the list of ingredients for similar lotions. Should I be eager to try this ??? It doesn't smell bad, does it? Perhaps my cats will like the smell and try to lick my feet. LOL

I hope that your day is going well.

Tatiana on :

The Natralia Heel Balm smells good, like herbs.
I guess if the concentration of urea is high, some people say it smells bad but I would be willing to try it just to see the results.
Like Topix Urix 40 Urea Cream or Urea 40 Cream.
Yes urea and urin are somehow related......!

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