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So Much Fun

Work so far is FUN. We are a small group that work in the cafe and we joke around a LOT, I have to say I initiate a lot of the jokes but my humor has been well received. I told them that I have Tourette's and multiple personalities so when I burst out singing, dancing, joking around or talking loudly in weird accents they should not worry. I HATE being bored at work, I can sit home and be bored, relax with a book, be quiet or sleep but at work I can't take being bored, I get so restless. Of course I tone it down when we have people in eating......
Everybody that comes in is nice, so far so good.
Besides making a "beautiful" macchiato, one couple told me that my french press I made them was probably the best cup of coffee they ever had and a lady asked me after I had explained the menu and taken her order if I was the owner and I said, "no, I just work here" and she said that I treat the place like I am the owner.
Look, I know that I am not performing brain surgery, I just work in a cafe - I know.
I wanted a break from dancing because I really don't like dancing in Vegas, I am hired at the Spearmint Rhino and I can go work there but for now I don't want to.
I enjoy the cafe, it is a nice looking place in a good area and I get to make coffee and drink it and taste the baked goods that our two pastry chefs prepare fresh almost daily .......yummy. I scrape the whipped cream bowls clean too.

Wake up and smell the coffee beans. Right now our beans are from Black Drop coffee in California.

The daily selection......varies slightly from day to day.

A special order......cupcakes with macarons on top.

I wrote this. They like my hand writing so I am going to rewrite the menu that is on the large mirror hanging on the wall. The girl that originally did it got $60 to write the menu on the mirror but we need to update the selection. I have never written on a large mirror before but I will try. Perhaps I will become a mirror writing artist next?

Our espresso machine, La Pavoni. The owner bought it used. Nobody at the cafe has any espresso training, so when I came in I kind of knew more about espresso than the people working. But there is more to it that just pouring in some ground espresso beans and warm milk into a cup. You have to pull the shot, don't burn the shot, know tamping, heat the milk without burning it, froth the milk if needed and of course know the difference between different the coffees that are on the menu. Anyhow, I watched some online tutorials and printed out a lot of information, put it together in a folder and brought it to work. And two of the girls that work at Illumilatte offered to come in a train us and I think that would be a great because I think we need real training plus I want to know and I want to learn. The baristas at Illumilatte also told me I can come in there and get some training from them for free, I might do that if my place won't take them up on their offer.
I go to Illumilatte on my days off for my latte and made friends with the baristas there.

We also party at work every day. We go through bottles this size on a daily basis, no wonder work is so much FUN! :-D

But I have to go now......I need to give Chhaya breakfast, take her out, go get a latte and start my day. It is Sunday and overcast. I LOVE overcast in Vegas.
And the rum is used to make the bread pudding. No way I would drink at work......even if offered.


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Steve Comeau on :

I used to own a coffee, wine, martini bar. I was trained by the company I bought my espresso machine from to pull a shot. You probably already know this, but part of the perfect pull is to tamp at 30 pounds of pressure. I put a bathroom scale behind the bar and made all new emps use that on every shot for a couple of weeks until they got the feel for 30 pounds.
On an unrelated note, I somehow forgot about your blog for a couple of years. Glad to see you're still blogging, and writing even better than ever.
You need to talk to publishers and get your a book deal.

Tatiana on :

Well......welcome back to my blog Steve! A daily must for many!
Kind of like coffee, you just need your daily dose of Tatiana.
Yes, when I watched the online barista tutorials I saw the 30 pounds of pressure tamping and the 90 degree angle arm position.
I do my best, nobody trained me or even cared to at this place, that is why I really want some training. You learn as you go too.

Yes, I definitely need a book deal. It is about time I think!

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