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OK......I finally ate dinner (it's almost 10 PM here) and opened up my laptop thinking that I HAVE to write something today! Or people won't read my blog anymore! And I don't want that.
Dinner consisted of watermelon (I am still on a watermelon kick), Flaming Hot Limon Cheetos and hot tea with lemon and sugar. This afternoon me and Chhaya had goodies from Whole Foods. Sweet potato and turkey for her and for me a mix of all kinds of yummy stuff (no meat).
So I want to talk a bit more about Trump, yeah I'm not quite done yet......
Are people still out there protesting or have they given up yet, now that it is getting colder and made it home to the couch and the tv? I sure am enjoying the couch!
And I did hear that protester were HIRED and paid $ to be out there showing their disapproval for Trump. Look up George Soros and read for yourself, I have honestly not done that much fact checking on that besides some reading and listening to people discuss it on the radio. But it is so incredibly WEAK to be out there protesting only because you got paid. That is like having zero integrity. FAKE. I don't like fake.
And I am curious if there were any Asian or Indian (not Native Americans) people protesting or only politically correct white granolas, blacks and latinos? I suspect the Asians and Indians are too busy getting an education, a career and a good job......they don't have time to be loitering in the streets. But if you happen to be Asian or Indian and were out protesting Trump, please let me know! Did you do it out of free will or did you collect an hourly salary for doing so?
And who has moved away from America yet now that Trump got elected?
Several famous and many regular people "threatened" to pack up and leave.
Go ahead! Make that "threat" reality. Send a postcard from your destination, let us know how you like it. people formerly against Trump start kissing his ass now.
And what about burning your New Balance shoes after somebody in their camp made a statement and the people against Trump took offense so they showed their annoyance by burning their New Balance shoes. I have a few pairs of New Balance shoes and I love them, not planning on burning any shoes here. I suggest next time you want to burn a perfectly good pair of shoes or some other piece of clothing in good condition that you calm down, take a breath and give those shoes to somebody that might need them and doesn't give a shit whether it's New Balance or some other brand, just happy to have a pair of shoes. And New Balance are now the "Official Shoes of White People". Really? Good that I have four pairs then! I will make sure to wear my blue ones tomorrow.

Throw some Black Lives Matter in there too just because. Why not. Don't even get me started on THAT issue.......yes yes BLM and YOUR life too white person and MY life and that person's life and that ones too etc etc......SIGH.

And how about poor Maggie in Minnesota that threw up and was terrified when she found out Trump got elected. WOW! You know what makes me sick to my stomach and terrified? That ISIS take innocent persons like Kayla Muller for example or journalists, aid workers, doctors, anybody that doesn't agree with them and torture, rape and murder those people. THAT makes me sick, sad and scared. It also makes me sick that grown men rape children or that people abuse animals. Trump got elected......Hillary didn't and people bawl their eyes out like they are at a good friends or relatives funeral. Get it together! I read that some 13 year old kid was SOBBING and had to stay home from school over Clinton's loss.
If you get that upset over politics when you are 13, you are either a budding politician or brain washed by your parent/s. When I was 13 I was interested in horses, playing with my friends and going dancing at a disco called BG on Friday nights. I was staring at my boy band posters that were all over my walls and day dreamed about making out with my boy band crush of the month. Politics were like the most boring thing ever in my world. That was then, I quite enjoy politics now. And I still like horses, playing with my friends, dancing and I still harbor teenage crushes. Some things never change I guess. I am still very much like a teenager in many ways and that's a good thing.
So how do I get to set MY foot in the White House? It is not impossible, look at Melania. I bet she is like......HOLY SHIT I am the First Lady of the USA! She can't believe her luck, talk about striking the jackpot with the Donald. She is from some small Slovenian village originally and ended up in the White House. So it can happen to anyone I guess.
I know many people think/are confused that Trump is a loose cannon who will push THAT button that will lead us into another world war but he will have advisors and highly educated people surrounding him with expertise and knowledge, like the newly appointed security adviser Michael Flynn. Trump is not going to sit behind a large desk inside the Oval Office making any irrational end of times decisions by himself. And I HOPE that Putin and Trump get along and get to hang out a lot. I think Putin has cojones, that is a good quality. Women have cojones too, I have more cojones than some "men" I've encountered. Either you got them or you don't.......
So calm down people in America and the rest of the world, yes many politically correct Swedes were very upset over Trump's victory as well, let him prove himself before you judge. The job as president of any country is most likely very tough and stressful, I can't even imagine that burden.
Speaking of jobs......I have to be at mine at 8 30 AM so I need to go to sleep soon......
There have been quite a few political entries here lately, I think I need to switch things up with some pictures of ME from my selfie machine (phone) or talk about some nonsense like cupcakes or clothes or something fun like that......
Oh and before I fall Mom thinks that Ivanka will be the first female US president. I can't run for president so I'm out that one. Too bad because ruling with an iron fist would get a new meaning with Tati in charge.....


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Carla on :

Tatiana: I absolutely agree with your above latest blog post regarding your feelings about President Elect Trump, the protesters, New Balance shoes, school attendance, etc..... ... in my opinion you are so right about all that you said... and very correct. I can not believe what we are hearing about some of the Hillary supporters, because Trump won, are throwing up, crying their eyes out, unable to attend school ... or go to work.... ( they have a job?" What are they wanting Trump to do? ... Not become President..... it is obviously not going to happen... Trump will be the 45th President of the USA... get over it and put on your big girl pants, get rid of your sippy cup and grow up and embrace the democracy that we live in.... For 8 years the conservative folks have had to put up with Obama and his gang, now it is your turn, suck it up and get back to being a contributing member of society. ALL lives matter!

Oh, and regarding the celebrities and self-important people that threatened to move to another country if Trump was elected..... what are they waiting for?... I will give them a free ride to the airport... and please take Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber with you.

Even though Trump has a somewhat limited experience when it comes to governing our country he is surrounding himself with experienced and intelligent people that have the essential experience, knowledge and know-how ... Trump in his businesses has a track record of seeking counsel from close and trusted counselors.... according to those that know him, he does and has always done a lot of listening. Any good manager at the top can not know every detail and every possible course of action without people around them that are trusted and in the know.
Trump has common man appeal and won the election because he is an outsider and the "hard working regular people" were ready for a change from the career politicians that seem to be out of touch with them.

******Oh, by the way, tell your mother that only "Natural Born in the USA" citizens can become President.... Ivanka was not born in the USA or in a USA territory and even though she is a "naturalized" citizen she can not become President.... even though it is an interesting thought.

Enjoy you work today. It is nice to have a job that you love. An old saying sometime attributed to Confucious is :
"If a man has a job that he loves he will never work a day in his life."

Love your blog.... thanks for writing again. Oh and more pictures of you please.

Tatiana on :

But I like Justin and Miley!
Justin is Canadian.
Ivanka was born in Manhattan. Maybe you thought I meant that Melania would be the first female president? I don't think she is educated enough for that plus her accent is so thick that even I have a hard time understanding her. Now I am a bit worried that MY accent is that strong? People tell me I have an accent all the time but to me I sound like everyone else.....
Yes, I know you have to be born here to have the privilege to run for president.

Carla on :

@Tatian: I am so very sorry about me misunderstanding what you stated.... oh yeah, I thought you were talking about Donald Trump's wife Melania. Of course Ivanka was born in the USA. She would shake things up, but YOU would shake things up more!!! Cajones !!!

I am sorry that I questioned your knowledge about all of this.

I think that you are very understandable... your grasp of the American English language ...and proper grammar and spelling is exemplary ... and is better (sadly) than many Americans born here. I can not believe that you are having any difficulties with your accent. Did you learn English as a child while in Sweden?
All throughout the different areas in America there are regional accents that many other Americans have difficulty understanding.

As always... thank you for your reply comments....
Back to work for both of us.... as my dad always told me..."Work is the yeast that raises the dough."

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