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President Trump

Well it is official, Donald John Trump is the 45th president of the United States of America. I have been watching the polls for about 9 hours......I think I followed this election rather closely. I called that he would become president in a blog entry in July and I remember discussing that I thought Trump would become president when he was still running to be the Republican party candidate with some people at Burning Man last year (not this year) and they looked at me like I was crazy.
Well, I guess I am not the only crazy one......obviously.
My vote was for Trump if I had to choose between him and Hillary. And I also think Gary Johnson would had been a good choice although I have never seen or heard him speak. I do not agree with everything Trump is about but I am looking at the bigger picture. I think that Hillary is very intelligent, educated, well spoken and qualified in many ways and I definitely think a woman can hold any powerful political position, there are examples of that. But overall I think she had too many double standards and that things, too many things overall did not add up with her. So I am pleased with the result of this election. :-)
I think Trump presented a very good first speech when he took stand at the podium tonight. So far so good......only time will tell now. There might be a second term for Trump in 2020 as well if the world as we know it will still be around then. So start recycling, eating less meat and concentrate on becoming a better person so this world will still be here!

Quite interesting that Hillary chose not to make an appearance and that her followers were asked to go home and sleep. I do recall the third debate when Mike Wallace basically asked Trump how he is going to react when he loses the election and Trump was criticized by everybody for his reaction. So where is Hillary now when she in fact lost? Will she get the same response?
It is going to be very interesting to see the ones that were against Trump start kissing his ass. People are so two faced. And one thing I did not like about Hillary's campaign was the inclusion of "celebrities', Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Bon Jovi, Jennifer Lopez etc. Come on now......if you want a concert you go to a concert. Don't mix politics with that kind of entertainment, I am glad that trick did not work out for her.
But it is getting late and I promised Chhaya a walk and then I am going to bed. Goodnight!


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mumintrollet on :

MAGA! ;-)

Tatiana on :

Make America Great Again!

Carla on :

I FULLY AGREE with your statements and conclusions regarding the presidential election. I do not understand all the hateful rioting and protesting going on.... I do not recall any of protests like that coming from the conservative (republicans) when Obama was elected... sure, they were disappointed that their candidate didn't win but they didn't hit the streets with foul language and vandalism.

Tatiana, remember, I want to apply as your official assistant latte tester.... now that you are working in a espresso shop/cafe and getting paid I would imagine.... I am ready to be hired to be your assistant latte taste tester as we discussed in a previous exchange of comments....

Again.... I absolutely agree with your synopsis regarding the Trump versus Hillary discussion.
This was not a female versus a male contest... the Trump supporters were not sexist and not against a woman becoming president ... they were merely choosing their candidate of choice that they believed more closely mirrored their viewpoints.

I enjoy your blogs and sharing of your opinions. Thanks for permitting me to share mine.

Tatiana on :

Hi Carla,
I have been meaning to write about the protests after the election.....
And no this was not about a woman or a man, I never felt that way. I do not think it was a blow to women that Hillary "lost".....people voted and Trump got elected. That's that.
I love that you comment and express your opinions, I wish more of my readers had something to say instead of being silent but oh well.
Yes, I am getting hourly salary and tips at my new job.....I will look into the possibilities of getting my own latte tasting assistant.
I made my first ever macchiato today and it turned out "perfect" manager was so impressed that she took a photo of my creation and sent the photo to the owners of the place.

Carla on :

Tatiana: I notice that you have been "quiet" since your November 9th post regarding the new President Elect Trump and his win over Hillary Clinton.
I have been super quiet and off of my blogs and Facebook since then also... I found that because it was no secret that I supported Trump that I exposed myself to a lot of abuse, insults, disdain, vilification and vitriol from those on the left that were against Trump and appalled of my support of him. So that seems to sum up the left's definition of free choice and the democratic process.... and of their self-proclaimed tolerance of others.

Now that Trump will indeed become the 45th President of the USA it is imperative that all of us support him for his success in the White House... not doing so is not only wrong but is counter productive to America's well-being and democratic process.

To the people outside in the streets demonstrating against the election results - go home, go back to your college, back to your job. (if you have one)

He won. Get over it. That's how it works. It sucks, but suck it up and get back to your life and be a positive factor in building and supporting this country.

IF, after his first minute in office he does something stupid then by all means - fill the streets, but in a peaceful and legal way and not rioting, not starting fires and not destroying private property and not attacking the police and others.

But until he is actually president, until he does something you are justified in protesting against, you are simply being a mob.

Have a great day Tatiana... enjoy making your special Lattes and working your new job... it is great that your job allows to to meet and greet so many people... you are the perfect hostess with the mostess !!!!

Sorry that this got so long... I will not blame you if you don't publish this reply... I am just happy if you read what I had to say.
All the best to you.... please start writing in your blog again... soon!
Your biggest fan:

Tatiana on :

I know I have been neglecting the blog, every day I think that I need to write and I have an entry on my mind that I want to write and then I get home from work and do the things that I have to do and then it is late......well now it's 11 25 pm when I am writing this and I am TIRED and feel like a grandma!
HOW do people juggle a job AND children? OMG.....HOW?
Anyhow......I might throw something together tomorrow.
Thanks for checking in on me!
From what I gathered some reports say that there were people getting paid to protest, basically hired to protest and some of them didn't even vote. What is up with that? How lame.

Carla on :

Tatiana: Oh yeah, where is that money coming from to pay protesters????

Looking forward to your next postings!!!
Maybe you are working too hard??? You need to hire me as your assistant so you don't have to work such long hours.

mumintrollet on :

"‘Feminist’ Snow-Plowing System Brings Stockholm to a Standstill

A “feminist” strategy for clearing the roads of snow in Stockholm ended in failure as the city ground to a halt in recent days.
A new system, suggested by progressive politicians in the Swedish city, tore up tried and tested snow plow routes and diverted them to areas said to be used more by women.


Tatiana on :

You won't know until you try.....right?
The information video reminded me of Karl-Bertil Jonssons julafton and I LOVE that cartoon......OMG I miss Swedish Christmas so much!

Carla on :

@ mumintrollet:

Mycket intressant ... och en uppenbar misslyckande.


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