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Sunday Evening Reflections

It is getting late here Sunday evening, many of you are probably getting ready to go to bed or are already sleeping, preparing for an early rise tomorrow to start a new work week. I am working too, at the cafe but not until 12 30 pm tomorrow so I can sleep in and cuddle with Chhaya. Right now I am comfortable on the couch, watching BBC World News and want to share my Sunday evening reflections with you.
First of all, imagine working for BBC......dream job! They have a digital journalist apprenticeship in the UK that is a 22 month long that seems amazing! I wish I could do that!
So the US of A presidential election is in a few days, it will all be over soon.
Until next time that is.....2020.

The latest in the soap opera in case you have missed an episode.....Hillary got cleared by the FBI again for more e mails, around 650 000 e mails this time (damn she emails a lot!) and a woman that claims Trump raped her back in 1994 when she was 13 at some "party" dropped her lawsuit. Ehhhhhh........what?
"Both witnesses say they worked as “party planners” for billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, who paid them to “attract adolescent women” to events he hosted at the Wexner Mansion in New York." Note here that Epstein has been convicted for soliciting girls under the age of 18 for "massage services" and prostitution and served time in prison. He is/was a friend of Trump and ALSO Bill and Hillary.
The other day I watched the Anthony Weiner documentary called Weiner and WOW......I can't believe that him and Huma agreed to being filmed like that.
You get to watch Weiner's life come undone and part of me almost felt sorry for him (because I am way too kind in general, many have told me so). To give up all of what he had going for him privately and professionally for his sexual urges.....what a waste! And that horse faced Sydney Leathers and with that permanent stupid look on her face, her mannerism and career in making porn after getting "famous" for sexting with Weiner? Just BARF. Is there any married/committed man out there that cheats on his significant other with somebody BETTER than their significant other or do they all choose TRASH?
From what I have seen they all downgrade and often by a lot. Who wants a Sydney Leathers when you have a wife that is intelligent, poised and elegant? Men are stupid, Weiner is just another example of that fact.
In this election there is talk about voting for the lesser of two evils. Well HELLO, do NOT vote for Trump or Hillary if you think they are so evil. There are three other candidates on the ballot and a fourth option as well. You are not going to be able to voice your disapproval by voting for a candidate you consider is evil. If you want change then do something about it.
I am also very surprised that on average 60% of eligible voters in US vote in the presidential elections. Are you just that stereotypical lazy and dumb American or do you just not care? Too busy to vote perhaps? Anyhow, if you do not vote then please keep your mouth shut and don't complain about anything.
And if Trump or Hillary would be the only two choices my vote would go to Trump, now you know where I stand on that. Trump for me.
There is something that doesn't feel honest about Hillary and Bill and their foundation. FOLLOW the money and do your own research, I have. Yes, Hillary has vast experience and education and I am impressed by her but she SHOULD have experience after all the years spent in Washington. Trump is rougher around the edges, he blurts stuff out, he is emotional but I think that is OK, he does not possess Hillary's experience but I am comfortable with that. I do not agree with everything he stands for, for example I am PRO choice and I don't think building a wall is doable either but I DO think you do need to screen who comes into a country. Other countries do, with some exceptions and look at what's going on in Germany. Unfortunately money talks and I feel that this election is controlled by money.....and people are getting paid off and bribed.
That Trump talked about grabbing women by the pussy does not bother me whatsoever, there are bigger problems to tackle. Trust me would some sorry guy try to grab me by the pussy he would regret that move. It happened to me once in New York City out and about in public. Some weirdo tried to do just that, after my initial SHOCK me and Shelley hunted that fucker down and beat him up. He got treated like the pathetic little bitch he was.

Enough of my Sunday evening reflections for now......GOODNIGHT! ;-)


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