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My Halloween

I had the WILDEST Halloween ever! I fell asleep the night I had plans to go out with friends.....that was Sunday the 30th of October. I just got more and more sleepy and I laid down in bed with Chhaya and it felt so cozy and good that I didn't want to get up when my friends were like......helloooooo are you going out? But I guess I did not miss out on a lot because the club they ended up going to was just OK and very few people had dressed up. And the actual night of Halloween I wanted to listen to ghost stories on Coast to Coast AM, which I did, in the car with a bag of potato chips, an iced tea and Chhaya. Party time! Then I went inside and read ghost stories online. That was my Halloween. EXCITING huh? Back in the day Halloween meant Monster Massive at the Sports Arena in Los Angeles, nothing could keep me away from that which was my fave rave of the year. Well, Reza doesn't throw Monster Massive anymore. I don't go to raves anymore either because they are not the same, now I like Burning Man. I don't like the Vegas club scene (it is LAME), I am not a bar person because I don't drink (I might sip on one beer or one drink at the most) and don't want a hoard of drunk guys trying to talk to me and be annoying in general, the only club that I really would love to go to is Berghain in Berlin, Germany. That is my kind of place. I would say Fabric in London too but it closed down, I went to Fabric a few times over a decade ago now and it was a good. So no dressing up for me this year, my outfit is hanging in the closet and I might wear it next year or something else. This is what I dressed Chhaya in for about ten minutes and then she was like.....STOP this nonsense, so I did. Look how cute she is!


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