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Bonnie Screams

Last night I dragged my pregnant friend Shelley with me to Bonnie Screams to go to haunted houses. If you have been reading my blog for a while you might remember that I LOVE Halloween, haunted houses and everything scary and fun like that. I get super scared in haunted houses, scream on top of my lungs and run away from the monsters, evil clowns, zombies and freaks with chain heart beating fast and a feelings of fun and adrenaline rushing through my whole body.
I had high hopes for Bonnie Screams, which the rest of the year is called Bonnie Springs and is out by Red Rock, a perfect spooky mountain location.
Well, there was a "spooky" trail with nothing scary going on and then four haunted houses that were rather empty and the staff working did not seem overly enthusiastic whatsoever into acting scary. Had that been me I would had chased people around like a freak, screaming and frothing at the mouth with my eyes bulging out. I was so disappointed with Bonnie Screams (sorry Bonnie Screams) and Shelley was too.
I mean, I did scream a little and ran a bit but NOTHING what I had hoped to do. Worst haunted house experience I've ever been to so far. Last year I went to some great haunted houses here in Vegas and screamed non stop. Do you remember baby? ♥ I know you do......
Here are some pics from last night.

Well Halloween is around the corner and I have a costume hanging in the closet and an idea in my head. Last year I was super heroine of some sort.
So irresistible I guess that a rather famous rockstar came up to me and gave me his number (no I did not call him).
And the year before I was Lara Croft. Even I have to admit that I slayed it that night. Sharon told me that people STILL talk about what a great Lara Croft I was. I LOVE Lara Croft so I take that as a great compliment.
I will see what I will be able throw together this is a hint.


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