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Super Kawaii

LOOK at my new boots! They are SUPER KAWAII, I love them! The brand is Tigerbear Republik in case you need a pair too.
I am so excited that I found these little boots......!

And also new to my shoe collection, these two pairs from a brand I never had before - Bobs. You see when us lifer strippers become old and crusty like I am now, we can't wear those super sexy glitter and rhinestone platforms. I am now so old and broken down that I had to get some flat and cushiony shoes for work.......
I need a cane too. I now hobble around the dark and smokey clubs in Bobs.
No more Pleaser platforms for Tati! ;-)

Actually, I can run in my platforms and outwalk any seasoned drag queen on the cat walk. My walk is ah-mazing darling! Why I got those two pairs of Bobs shoes I will tell you another time.
Yeah.....the years go (so fast too.....right?!) by but I am really lucky, I can't add old looking been drinkin' since I was a teen wrinkle face to my resume. What else did I forget? SLUT. Drunk and slut, not on my resume. Others can have those titles.


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