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Third Debate

Seven hours until the third and last presidential debate that is taking place at UNLV in Las Vegas Nevada.
The credible and honest number one worldwide news source Tati News has been on location since about midnight.

Tati News can report that things were unusually calm around the midnight hour at the UNLV campus, very few people out and about. Only one other news truck, no visible security and no demonstrators. The situation is changing as the hours creep closer to the debate. There will be a no driving, no flying and no drone zone implemented and unless you have an invitation or a pass allowing you access to the grounds you will be asked to leave.

Tati News is self invited and will give you up to date coverage and inside access. Perhaps a picture of Tati in between the two presidential hopefuls? Actually Tati News is writing this report from the comforts of the bed (but don't tell anyone).
Let the debate begin and let the insults fly! The land of the free and the home of the brave! America! Or Murica how some of ya'll like to call it.
It will be interesting to watch the debate later. I have enjoyed this spectacle immensely!


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Paul on :

Looking forward to Tati News Updates! Are you on twitter?

Make America Sane Again.

Tatiana on :

No Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat/Persicope and whatever else is out there for me. How do people have time for all of that? I don't.
Just Tati News on the blog. :-)
YES! Make America Sane Again......but I have a feeling it is too late. I mean do we really need to focus on Donald's hair and tan and discuss Hillary's pantsuits and wonder if she is a lesbian? Why?
How about focus on the things that matter? Really matter.
But people want gossip and I admit I do too, to a certain extent but NOT in worldly political settings.
Keep the gossip on TMZ with the rest of the Kartrashians.

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