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Second Debate

So almost a week has passed since the second presidential debate. Let me try to gather my thoughts and tackle this one......where do I even start? The whole thing has turned into a major soap opera! By Sunday there might be more people wanting to be in the spotlight for some temporary fame with some story about sexual assault or whatever other story it might be.
Let me start with what I do think that every functioning country should healthcare and free education. Nobody wants to be sick, except for a few mentally unstable people perhaps. If a person needs medical attention and care, no matter what it is they should be able to get it no questions asked. And if any cost is associated with it, that cost should be small and affordable. Any cosmetic surgeries such as ass enlargements (barf) should of course be paid for out of pocket unless it is reconstructive surgery. And college should not put people in debt. Where the funds for free healthcare and education should come from is up to the elected officials to figure out. Other countries manage to do this, therefore I am sure that America that supposedly is the greatest nation on Earth (although I don't think Putin agrees) can figure this out as well. If not, put some individuals in charge that can figure it out and fire the ones that are doing nothing useful.
I liked Hillary's introduction at the beginning of the debate. And Trump agreed to it as well. I think most of us do. It's kind of a given yeah?
Abortion should be a woman's choice. To the people that are against abortion,
be grateful that it is an would be paying way more in taxes for all the uncared for and unwanted children that would be forced to live with unfit parents or with foster families. There are plenty already. I have said it before, I don't need some old crusty dudes to make decisions about women's bodies. If men were the ones getting pregnant I am sure abortion would be legal until the third trimester. all the sexual assault allegations and Trump's private conversation about grabbing pussy. Am I offended personally? NO. Women are objectified pretty much everywhere. Look around you.
We live in a culture where porn is easily accessible. That men watch porn even when they are married or in committed relationships is socially accepted and women should just be OK with it. It is "normal" right?
"Delacroix looked underage in most of her early works, which were filmed while she was in her early 20s. She defined those movies as outlets for people with pedophilic urges, drawing on academic research making similar claims. She thinks that the fauxcest films she makes today provide a similar resource—a fantasy that might keep fathers or stepfathers from abusing their children." Yeah.....two very popular themes in porn, girls that look very very young (the younger the better) and incest fantasies (fauxcest) and men are loving it. This is reality. This might be your husband. Or the increasing violent porn, said to be inspiring all kinds of sickos out there that prey on women. How about doing something about that?
I have seen married and committed (supposedly) men of all ages act single, desperate and so pathetic in strip club and regular clubs. Other places too. Trust me, I have seen and heard some stuff OK.....For sure many men talk about women in similar ways that Trump and that other dude he had that conversation with. Don't be fooled, they do. And women talk like that too. I have. Does that make me some sort of a sexual predator? No. Fleeting words, perhaps I was cracking jokes.....I don't remember. But I did not go out and rape anyone. Never ever crossed my mind.
Now the women that came forward and say that Trump sexually assaulted them.
I don't know, I was not there. I really hope that they are telling the truth, because accusing somebody of sexual assault or rape is NOT something anyone should do. That makes people not trust rape victims. And that happens unfortunately, that women get raped and not believed. I do find it strange that all these women decided to be quiet about getting sexually assaulted until now. Why? All these women coming forward the month before the presidential election. Coincidence or not?
Had some random guy touched my vagine up my skirt in a nightclub I would had grabbed his hand, punched him in the face and kicked him in the balls. And made sure that everybody within earshot knew what had just happened. I also think it is so stupid looking to be holding Gloria Allred's hand at a press conference, are you a child? Grow the fuck up and look into the camera when you make your statement, don't read off a piece of paper, you will look more credible instead of looking like you are reading something somebody wrote down for you.
What we do know for sure is that Bill Clinton got busy with Monica Lewinsky in the White House while married to Hillary. There have been several women accusing him of sexual assault as well and Hillary still stayed with him. Does that mean she thinks cheating and sexual assault is OK? I mean, she stayed with him. So she condones this behavior then and she is running for president of the United States? Monica Lewinsky says that she isolated herself, felt suicidal and depressed after the whole Bill affair. I believe her. The public turned on her, made fun of her.
Oh yeah.....called her fat and ugly. Did Hillary care about that? That her husband caused another person to feel this way? Did she reach out to Monica or any of the other women that accused Bill of sexual assault?
I believe in fairness. If you are going to point a finger at somebody for something make sure you do not have something similar going on. Or worse. Hypocrites are the worst.
I am completely against rape and sexual assault. I am also completely against fabricating stories about rape and sexual assault.
The little boy in Aleppo was brought up at the debate. Omran was his name.
He made headlines all over the world. Yes, it is sad but there is a war in Syria and people are dying and yes, children too. There are people dying in unfortunate circumstances all over the world. I bet most people have forgotten about Omran now, just like they forgot about Je Suis Charlie memes and all the other Facebook stuff they cared or pretended to care about to be politically correct and fake for about a fleeting minute. Do YOU care about Omran? There are children dying in the US everyday at the hands of their unfit parents or Mom's new boyfriend. Tortured, beaten, raped to death. I see these stories EVERY day. At least Omran is alive.
The new thing is to set up a GoFundMe page after your loser piece of shit boyfriend murders your child, get every penny you can. I can't adopt Omran or any other child in need. I can help in some ways. This year I will donate at least four (or more) pairs of shoes to foster children in need, I will give some teddy bears too. What are YOU going to do? Talk about poor Omran or DO something?
Hillary's deleted emails......did she really delete emails that she was subpoenaed to show? I am not understanding this. How is this possible? IF she deleted them, she did break the law and perhaps she should be investigated and put in jail. I think this is a very important question that should be discussed more in depth instead of whatever else they are concentrating on and repeating over and over and over.....
Trump did not pay taxes. Did he break the law? No. Legal tax code stuff. He would had been stupid to not take advantage of this. I am sure that Hillary and Bill also take advantage of every loophole in the tax code that they can. And their foundation.
ISIS and any other terror group. To me no question about it.....terror groups do not belong amongst us. ISIS or Daesh and groups like Boko Haram cause terror, trauma, death, torture and destruction that I can not even imagine. It makes me so sad and furious when I read about what they do to innocent people. They kidnap and rape women. NO question about it, no allegations - reality. THAT to me is also much more important than some guy talking about grabbing pussy, whether he talked about it yesterday or ten years ago. Unless you have never talked about another person's body parts or made and kind of lewd comments in a private conversation you just really need to shut the fuck up.
What else can I add? I don't think you should be able to use children in political advertisements. Cheap shots

What is GOING ON PEOPLE???? He said, she said. He did this, she did that. I want to know about ISIS. Deleted emails. I want to know about healthcare and education. Children's rights. Animal rights. The environment and the economy.
I care about WHAT MATTERS and I care about FAIRNESS.
This election is sure making some people very angry. Some are even willing to alienate friends and family members for not agreeing with them. Listen, I really do not think that you will ever have Hillary's or Trump's private number and that they will do anything to help you out personally. Very unlikely. So hang on to your friends and family members, those are the people that matter. One day you might need something or somebody to talk to. This is where true friends and good family helps out. Don't get so upset over an election that you can't think rationally anymore. And do not blindly lap up everything you hear on one or two TV stations that you watch, gather facts from different sources and understand that media sometimes paints a skewed picture.
Phew......I think I am done with this one. One more debate left, in Sin City!
Talk about a place where money and sex is worshipped.
I REALLY wanted to attend the upcoming Las Vegas debate but I think I have to give up on that wish. If I am not mistaken only like 75 tickets will be released to UNLV full-time students in good standing.
Unless Trump or Hillary read this entry and decide to personally invite me...... ;-)
My election reading material so far.....

And I have to add some stuff to this entry. I wrote it around 3 am last night and it is now noonish and I am sitting at Illumelatte with a latte in front of me. I forgot to write some stuff that I intended to last night, I blame it on the late hour.....
So a few days ago I heard about some video circulating with Obama "exposing" himself to a group of giggling women on an airplane.
I watched it. I don't know what is going on......yes, there is a bulge of some sort in his pants. He seems to be showing it off but I was not present so I can only speculate. Perhaps he just has a large member and always looks like that?
But looking at the debacle surrounding the 2016 presidential election I bet that if that was a video of Trump supposedly "exposing" the bulge in his pants, women would had been crying and hiring attorneys talking about sexual assault. Yep.
I think this self proclaimed redneck gets it right about Trump and the pussy grabbing and it is a funny video.


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Jim on :

Well 2 of the woman who accused Trump of sexual misconduct have been proven to be totally false. The gal who claimed she was groped on the plane story was almost identical to a song called Octopus and just happens to be a secretary to the Clinton Foundation and a friend of Hillary's. Another one has had her family step forward and claim she is lying.

Yes I am for Trump because he has the Democrats and Republicans ticked off, so I think maybe he might be doing something right for the country. Just my opinion.

Tatiana on :

Well.....the election is less than a month away now.
Let's see what else will be brought up in this soap opera.

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