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I have found this year's Halloween costume! Nurse outfit for ebola patient. HOT!!!
Actually it is what I have been wearing when visiting my friend in the hospital for emotional support, I am far from a nurse. Do not approach me with a needle or anything blood or vein related, I might faint.
I have been neglecting the blog but I have been a bit busy with stuff and I am tired. Hospital visits, I need to study for a test this evening that I am taking tomorrow.
I want to write about the second presidential debate that I watched last Sunday, I might be able to summarize my thoughts on that tomorrow.


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Paul on :

Nice :-) Will you be going trick or treating in that?

I am dressing as the Donald with a wig & hat & red tie.

Tatiana on :

The Donald! Great choice!
I don't know what I might be this year.
Perhaps I stay in and listen to Coast to Coast and cuddle with Chhaya.

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