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First Out Of Three

Tonight was the first out of three.....presidential debates that is.

Me and Chhaya were glued to the TV. Chhaya is voting for whomever that is going to be a strong advocate for animal rights and she is also for harsher mandatory punishments for assholes that abuse animals. She feels strongly about dog fighting rings. Me and Chhaya are not Michael Vick fans. She wants more funding for public parks and she also want people to educate themselves and stop breeding animals with no care for what happens to the offspring. Hello it's 2016, get your head out of your ass!
I am voting for the candidate that will put me on their latte tasting payroll and I am not cheap. I have a feeling that would be Trump. He likes foreign ladies that are tall, thin and pretty. Trump has a taste for the finer things in life. ;-)

Well.....there are two debates left. Hillary has way more experience than Trump in these scenarios and she did really well I think. Trump was more emotional and there is nothing wrong with that. People tend to get emotional in matters they feel passionate about - it's a good thing (I think). I am an emotional kind of person too, I would had been loud, bossy and animated had I been on that stage. I can't and don't want to pick a winner or a loser in tonight's debate. this point there is no "winner" and "loser". You have to look at the bigger picture, take it all in. Where does each candidate stand on all the important questions? Look at the bigger picture people!


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Carla on :

Tatiana: I fully agree with your assessment regarding the presidential debates !!! This was just the 1st one as you stated, the next 2 debates should really tell the story.
By the way, If you do get on a latte tasting payroll please consider hiring me as your assistant. (two extra pumps of sugar free caramel please) Light and sweet is the way I like them.
Your blogs and posted pictures are *most enjoyable*. Please continue to keep them coming.

Tatiana on :

OF COURSE I will need an assistant!
Hillary has Huma. I will need one or even better, two assistants when I become a paid official latte taster.
You Carla got the first spot. I have the other spot reserved for another of my readers and friends, her name starts with an A.
Somebody needs to contact Donald Trump and tell him that we are ready to start working within the near future.
Or call Hillary. You never know, she might need some help now that Huma has filed for divorce from her husband Weiner aka Carlos Danger. I suspect that Bill (Clinton) has simmered down a bit, so I am not too worried about him.

Carla on :

OK Tatiana, I will gladly work with you and "A" your other Latte taste tester. In fact, I am sipping on a Latte right now (grande, non-fat, sugar free caramel... 2 extra pumps) What is your favorite Latte?

Many of the News outlets are calling Hillary a clear winner but that is not the way I saw it. I agree with what you said about there appeared to be no winner and no loser...
Trump as usual was more "off the cuff" and surprisingly or perhaps purposely omitted possibly advantageous attack language toward Hillary... I was surprised that Trump was as mellow as he was and did not attack Hillary on her key failures such as the Russian reset and the Benghazi, Libya disaster while she was the Secretary of State. .. he did however go after her on the 35,000 lost emails.
... Hillary was more scripted but to me she also gave the appearance of being smug and arrogant, but she did appear to be in good health and her makeup people did a great job. Hillary did indeed attack Trump on his taxes, income, business practices and his reportedly past behavior toward women.
In the next debate I think we will see both candidates become more aggressive.

Tatiana on :

My fave latte.....I am staying loyal to my vanilla latte. I order it either extra hot and I sprinkle cinnamon on top.
If I order it iced I like whipped cream on top.
I have also enjoyed lavender latte and I want to try Nutella latte (mmmmmm Nutella!).
Yes.....Hillary was very composed and confident. She has more experience on this playground. She carried herself well.
I was expecting for Benghazi to be brought up and perhaps something about Bill's extra curricular activities and impeachment, since Hillary was First Lady at that time.
One thing that I have been thinking about is back in 2008 when Hillary ran against Obama and how they trash talked each other but now they are chummy. I find it so fake. Politics.....fakeness and hypocrisy. Both "qualities" I very much dislike.

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