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Illumilatte Brew Society

So I found and tried another, new for me, coffeeshop in Vegas. Illumilatte Brew Society located on 6825 W Russell Road. The west side of the Strip is my side of town.
I went there last night with Janis, it was the first time for both of us. And I went back this morning for some more and I have a coffee date there set up next week sometime with Maja. One can never have enough FIKA time, alone or with friends.
I should be a professional FIKA person, I can't believe I am not getting paid to do that yet......!
I really like the inside of the place, many cozy couches to sink down and relax in, nice and interesting decor. Not the best latte I've had but OK. I still want to sample one or a few of their pastries and a few more espresso drinks before I look for another new place to try.

And today's local coffeeshop news.....
"LAS VEGAS (FOX5) - Las Vegas Metro police said a deadly shooting at a southwest area Starbucks may have stemmed from a confrontation over a declined card.
Police responded to the call at 11:32 a.m. at the business near Warm Springs Road and Rainbow Boulevard. Police said it was a very "confusing event" that involved a shooting. Citing the preliminary investigation, police said the suspect went through the drive-thru at the Starbucks when his card was declined. The suspect then drove to another part of the building and entered the business agitated. The suspect fired at least two shots in the air and then fired at a customer inside.
The customer was struck in the chest area and witnesses administered CPR. Since officers treated the incident as a hostage situation there was a delay to get medical treatment to the victim. The victim was transported to Spring Valley Hospital where he or she died. Nearby roadways were blocked off during the investigation. Motorists were urged to avoid the area."

Oh yes.....I was actually in that area today and had to make a huge circle, as traffic was being diverted, to get to my destination. I was very annoyed and thought it was yet ANOTHER traffic accident. Seriously, people in Vegas do not know how to drive.
I usually see one or two accidents per day if I am out driving. I suspect that about 1/4 of the drivers in Vegas are either drunk or high on something.
But to get so freakin' mad because your card got declined that you decide that the solution to the problem is to shoot somebody? Yeah.....there are some serious psychos out there. People are sitting and enjoying their coffees on a Sunday and some random psycho barges in and starts shooting. I have no words......


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