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I absolutely LOVE this camp at Burning Man - reFOAMation. I think it used to be called Dr. Bronner's a few years ago when I went for the first time but this year it was reFOAMation. So you wait in line and while waiting you get educated in vegan/vegetarianism versus eating meat - it is GREAT. The meat eaters get stuffed into a cage where they get to suffer in the hot sun, while us vegans and vegetarians get to go ahead in line. The meat eaters are ordered to make animal sounds and roll around in the dust (outside the cage) and "fry like bacon". They also talk about psychedelics and the push/want to decriminalize. The messages are great, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Burning Man, you can learn so much and start seeing the world from a viewpoint you never thought much of before.
So.....when you finally get inside (the line can be loooooong depending on when you arrive) you are asked to take your clothes off. There is a tree in the middle called The Tree Of Life and a dj that plays loud music, a lot of naked people dancing. You can be naked if you want, I think 97% of the people are but I had on my bikini (I'm shy..... ;-) ). Nobody is acting inappropriate or weird, it is AMAZING. The reFOAMation crew are super happy, constantly smiling and dancing and they seem like they genuinely love being there. Then you go inside a boxy looking stall, you get really close together and get sprayed down with rub it in and then you get hosed down with water. This is a GREAT way to keep clean at Burning Man and a really fun and amazing experience. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it! I go twice in a row so I really feel clean. And I went two days in a row.

"We are all brothers and sisters on Spaceship Earth! Be kind, reward generously, support good and healthy living. Seek and encourage the best in one another. For whatever unites us is greater than whatever divides us!"

"Make humble and mindful use of the earth’s gifts. What comes from the earth must go back! Do not waste, do not harm the land or people or animals. Reduce, recycle, reuse, reuse!"

"Be an engine for positive change. Enrich the world, make good things happen–share pro ts, share talent, share muscle, share voice! Fund and fight for what’s right!"



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