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Smith Rock

Yesterday I went on a little tour of Smith Rock. That is by Terrebonne which is located in central Oregon. A beautiful day for a very scenic hike. Now I want to go camping!


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J on :

Thank you for the wonderful conversation the other night. Your Blog has been amazing to read and the Burning Man posts are just an inspiration. I just wanted to take a minute to tell you that you have a truly amazing soul. I wish you the Love Light and Peace in your journey through life, I look forward to catching up on your blog from time to time. I hope the best for you as from reading your blog you are very smart and have a way with words that trap your readers into wanting more. Thank you again for sharing your time.

Tatiana on :

I hope my Burning Man posts are a fun read for people!
There might be more Burning Man stuff soon.....
You were great to talk to and told me many interesting things. It made me think and gave me some peace. Much needed.
Thank You & Hugs.

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